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So I’ve lived in a few places in my time: Japan for a half a year, Vietnam on and off for three years, I was born and raised in Brissy, and spent four years in Melbourne, before moving to Sydney.

And if you’ve lived in either Melbs or Sydney you will be all too familiar with the ‘sibling rivalry’ of the two cities:

Melbourne: We have better cafes

Sydney:  Yeah, well, we have better beaches

Melbourne:  We have better style

Sydney:   Well, we have better weather

I could go on for hours, but at the end of the day when it all comes down to it, for me, Sydney wins hands down in every category, every single time.

So now, I am one of those people.  One of those people that talks endlessly about how much they love Sydney and how they would never live anywhere else, and how everything about Sydney is better in every way!!

I love Sydney!

I fricken love this City!  

Amber Renae opera house darling harbour sydney harbour bridge cruise

And the peeps at  Nuffnang, Destination NSW and Rydges all tend to agree, so they decided to treat a handful of the best bloggers in Oz (yes, I was also wondering why I got invited), to a fancy pants weekend in Sydney.

We had a super hectic itinerary, (which wasn’t at all conducive to outfit changes PS) that kicked off with champagne and canapés in a sweet meet and greet, over looking the glittering harbour at EQC Bar.

I feel like I’ve been in maj hibernation mode for the past few months, so my ‘small talk’ game was poor at best, however my ‘living like a boss’ game certainly improved, once I got back at the Rydges Central Sydney.

Seriously though, can somebody please explain to me, why bathrobes and mini-bar vinos feel a million times better when at a Hotel?  I mean, I do bathrobe/wine all the time at home, but in my hotel room I’m all like…”You are such boss right now AR”.

Amber Renae burbery beaded coat dress gladiator high heel sandals

She’s a pretty city at night and in the daytime…breathtaking! Firstly lets talk about the Harbour, no matter how many times you see it, it never fails to take my breath away.  I spent my b’day last year on Darling Harbour, did you see theses pics, so when there was the option for East Sail to take us out I jumped at the chance!

Alas, once sailing time was upon us, the sky had started to rain on our parade, so I was seriously debating whether to participate. However, I had selected a particularly excellent outfit from my friends at Camilla, and didn’t want that to goto waste (I have no doubt you know exactly what I’m talking about).

I think you’ll agree, although my blow dry was totally ruined, the whole ‘Titanic moment in designer kaftan overlooking the Harbour Bridge’, was totes worth it.  #amiright?

OK so lets get serious here for a moment….did you know that this a thing: FRPRN.com (Mum, that stands for F O O D P O R N).  Yep Food Porn, I’m not even joking. So, Khalil, from Food Porn, gets to eat, slash take pics of, slash talk about, ah-mazing food.  And that is his job.

All this time I’ve been blogging about fricken shoes and I could’ve been gorging my way around the Globe?  I’ve seriously never had worse job-envy.  Like we ate at Burger Project and Spice Temple, which were delish btw, and I’m all like, ohhhhh I’ll just try one of the chip flavours…and Khalil is like ‘well I gotta try them all, it’s my job’.  Urgh, so jelly.

But anyway, lets get back to business, on Sunday we had a not so Funday (OK it was actually amazing, but I did feel like I was at school for a brief mini during the 7am bus ride…not ideal) but it was all worth it when we arrived at the fancy Pullman Quay Grand Sydney (Macquarie Room) for the bloggers biz conference.

This is where all the aforementioned superstar Bloggerati dished insider dirt on how they go to where they are.  It was totally inspiring, and overwhelming all at the same time, but every time we’d stop for a break, we’d step straight out to the glittering view of the Harbour on a glorious Sunny Sunday arvo and everything was OK in the World again.

Did I mention I love Sydney??

Thanks to Nuffnang, Destination NSW,Qantas and Rydges

Amber Renae Bloggerati Nuffnang Sydney Qantas Destination NSW

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