Thinking About Creating An Online Course or Program…but feeling Overwhelmed, Self-Sabotaging or Stuck in Imposter Syndrome?

How to Effortlessly Transform Your Unique Talents into a Thriving 7-Figure Online Course Empire

...even if you don’t consider yourself an expert, you don't really know what you'd teach and even if you have ZERO tech skills!


How would it feel to open up your email and see that you had made a sale for your online course or program, without cracking your laptop?! 🙋🏼‍♀️

How would it feel to get payment notifications lighting up your phone whilst you're out to dinner with family!? 🙋🏼‍♀️

What if this was the year that you became an EDUCATOR and an ENTREPRENEUR?! 🤯

You’re so much closer to creating your own digital course and successfully selling it than you think.

But the lie that you don’t know enough is keeping you from living the life you dream of! 

If you’re like most people, 

When you hear about online courses you think that you have to teach something
life-changing and earth shattering and charge a lot of $$$ for it.

But that’s totally untrue! 

Here’s my promise to you: 

 ✨The things you think are common sense could change someone else’s life. ✨

I can guarantee you there’s a unique framework, a particular theme or a distinct pattern that runs through everything you do. 

It’s so natural to you that you might not see it yet, …that’s my job to help you pull it out of you and to show you how the things you know can help someone else.

If you know something…anything…that can: 

📈 Get someone results. 

⏰ Save them time. 

💸 Earn them money. 

😩 Help avoid frustration. 

👩‍🏫 Teach a skill set. 

🥰 Or add more joy… 

Then you have a course or a program just begging to be created. 

You see the #1 reason why people buy courses is actually NOT for the content!

The #1 reason people buy one course over another is because of the unique perspective, unique personality and unique experience of the creator.

Your own unique set of opinions on why people should do your thing this way instead of that way.

That’s what really sells courses.

Think about it. You never see a library full of cheering fans, but go to any self-help seminar taught by a big-name guru and people jump off their chairs.

It's the same content found in many of the books in the library, but it's taught in a unique way that only they can teach it. And that's why people buy it!

This means that you already have almost everything you need to build and sell your online course.

And you don't even have to be *THE BEST* at that thing, 

You just have to be 1-2 steps ahead of the people you teach. 

So this lie you're currently telling yourself that you're not quite ready, or you don't have the qualifications or the big fat imposter syndrome that's currently holding you back,

Is simply that, a big fat lie, that's stopping you from living your dream life.

We’re often just one decision away from a totally different life…

All it takes is the right circumstances

Or the right person…

To help us see it and pull it out of us‼️

Since launching my first course in 2015, my life has never been the same. 🥹

Not only have my online courses earned more than I could have ever imagined, 

I’m now RICH in TIME. 

Time is my currency, 

Time is my life.

And more than anything,

I want this for you too.

So if you're thinking "I don't have the time to create an online course"...then you DEFINITELY need an online course in your business.

In this book, you'll learn how to build it using the tech you have in your hand right now!

Click here and grab your copy of 

💎 Dream Life: The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide to Amplifying Your Online Business and Achieving Your Dream Life. 💎

This just might be the most valuable investment of your entire year!

Get All Of This For The Price Of A Latté

Get Dream Life plus the 5 Fast Growth Bonuses for $7

✔️ BONUS 1: 6-Figure Funnel Breakdown ($1,599 Value)

​✔️ BONUS 2: 30-Day Course Creation Guide ($199 Value)

✔️ BONUS 3: Stop The Clock Course ($699 Value)

✔️ BONUS 4: Present Like a Pro workshop ($999 Value)

✔️ BONUS 5: Magical Mindset for Success training ($599 Value)


Look at how these women turned their Unique Talents into Profitable Programs!

OMG Amber! Dream Life is SENSATIONAL!!!!!!!!! 💫

It really is a masterpiece, filled with so much value and insight!

It takes the overwhelm out of building an online presence and digital marketing.   

There are so many genius hacks, small inspired action steps, takeaways and Call To’s!

~Nikki Frechette, Transformational Life Coach

Bec's Journey to a Quarter Million Dollars
Bec, a passionate school teacher, desired more than a conventional job. She embraced the Dream Method, within weeks, and launched her first online program, "Self-Care for Girls who Swear."

Her unique blend of self-care with her personality made her a sought-after keynote speaker, and she eventually quit teaching to focus on her "little side hustle" that brought her a quarter million dollars this year.

Sasha's Journey to Speaking at the Superhuman Summit

Sasha, a coach helping executives with stress and anxiety, faced the common struggles of an underpaid and overwhelmed one-on-one business model.

She created her online program that combined her unique passions. This opportunity opened doors for her to speak at global summits, including the prestigious Superhuman Summit.

Laura's National TV Breakthrough

Laura, an undervalued service provider, had a deep passion for empowering others. With The Dream Method, she achieved exceptional financial results and, more importantly, gained widespread recognition. Regular appearances on national TV and speaking engagements to large audiences established her as an authority in her field.


In Dream Life: The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide to Amplifying Your Online Business and Achieving Your Dream Life,

you'll learn my 5-step acronym for


Let me show you how it works:

🧘 D: DEFINE: In Define, we develop a mindset for success and teach you how to overcome the most common fears and limiting beliefs that hold most people back from achieving their dream life. 

💎 R:  RARIFY: No two diamonds are alike, and there is no one on this planet that has your rare and exclusive set of skills, wisdom, and life experiences.  In Rarify, we’re going to discover your superpowers, define what makes you, uniquely you, and give you the confidence to start sharing that with the people who need you. 

🏠 E: ESTATE: This is where we build your Estate.  You know how when you’re an employee they tell you that investing in property is a smart way to achieve wealth? Well, you my friend, as a smart entrepreneur, have something waaaay more valuable than buying Real Estate - you’re going to build your own. 

This is where we build your Estate program or digital product that promises an ROI significantly higher than any Real Estate investment.

🌪️ A: AUTOMATE: Have you ever wished you could clone yourself? In Automate, I’ll show you how to do just that.  In Automate, we introduce you to the bad-ass world of Funnels and you’ll start seeing the possibilities of enjoying a little less work and a little more life.

🧲 M: MAGNETIZE: With your foundations finally built, we’ll turn on the traffic machine. In Magnetize I teach you the most effective strategies to drive customers to you and pull back the curtain on ninja techniques for amplifying your message to the masses.  

Now that you know the lessons ahead of you, it’s time to leave the overwhelm, stress, and hustle behind you.

It’s time to create your own D.R.E.A.M. life!

This Book Is A Must Read For:

  • Coaches, Freelancers, Consultants, and Service Providers who are exhausted by the 1-to-1 business model and are ready to serve at scale 
  • 9-5-ers who can feel in their bones that they have way more to offer than just climbing the corporate ladder
  • Experts who would like to become the go-to name in their niche without spending countless hours in content creation​
  • Speakers and podcasters looking to get off the relentless speaking circuit while still growing their income and impact.
  • Anyone looking for a simpler, more elegant, and more profitable way to build a 7-figure business by helping others

Anyone looking for a simpler, more elegant, and more profitable way to build a 7-figure online business by helping others.

Get All Of This For The Price Of A Latté

Get Dream Life plus the 5 Fast Growth Bonuses for $7

✔️ BONUS 1: 6-Figure Funnel Breakdown ($1,599 Value)

​✔️ BONUS 2: 30-Day Course Creation Guide ($199 Value)

✔️ BONUS 3: Stop The Clock Course ($699 Value)

✔️ BONUS 4: Present Like a Pro workshop ($999 Value)

✔️ BONUS 5: Magical Mindset for Success training ($599 Value)


Dear Entrepreneur, Wantrepreneur, Coach, Side-Hustler, or Service Provider...

Have you ever just wished there was a handbook with clear, elegant and actionable frameworks to turn your expertise or 1-1 service business into a scalable group program? Well now there is.

My name is Amber Renae, you may have seen me on TV Screens, Magazine covers or your favorite podcasts, but most of my days are spent working from a laptop in paradise and helping people just like you build the legacy and lifestyle business of their dreams.

Over the last 15 years as an entrepreneur, I've created, launched and scaled 3 globally successful brands with no external funding, no team and no social following.

In my current business, I've built four

6-figure e-courses that have helped thousands of women from all over the world to create, launch and scale their businesses...

And now I’m sharing my best business knowledge inside of Dream Life, The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide to Amplifying You’re Online Business and Achieving Your Dream Life.

In Dream Life, I’ll teach you my signature 5-step D.R.E.A.M system to identify your Genius Zone, show you how to monetize it with digital products, automate your business with simple sales funnels, and finally attract thousands of new customers for free. 

You’ll also learn powerful mindset mastery to overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back to achieving the kind of life and business of your dreams.

This is a proven, simplified system that works without simply relying on hustle and grind, 80-hour work weeks, or dumb luck to get it done.
Dream Life will work for you even if you wouldn’t consider yourself an expert just yet, you have zero online presence, you struggle with tech, or you have no definitive clue what you would teach.

Ready to Get My Entire Process For

Building Your Dream Online Empire?

The price of Dream Life is a one-time payment of just $7

This investment in your business and its future is only $7 and you get it right here, right now, instantly!

(Oh and that's Aussie for my friends around

the world that's about $5 US Dollars.)

Access the book anywhere, anytime, without relying on the postwoman.

Read it with a cup of coffee (or a margarita) straight from your phone, laptop, or computer.

It’s time to create your own freedom and your own Dream Life.

Here's The Thing...

I Genuinely Want You To Create This Kind Of Life For Yourself.

Get Your Copy Right Now For Just $7

And Get These 5 Bonuses For Free!

A step-by-step breakdown of the exact funnel that makes me

multiple 6-figures whilst I surf.

*WARNING* This may make your head explode!

What you’re about to learn in this video is the high-level strategy of a top 1% online marketer.   It’s the kind of stuff you would normally pay thousands to learn. 

And whilst it may seem way too advanced for where you’re at now.  I wanted to show you what life looks like when you take what you know, package it into a 1-to-many digital product and sell that one product on an automated sales funnel.


This walkthrough will detail step by step the EXACT system I use to this day to sell all four of my signature E-courses on autopilot.

This is just one of the many funnels I have in my business.

This one alone makes me $22k per month...whilst working 10 hrs a week! Not 10 hrs a day like I used to!!


Everything you need to start living that Dream #laptoplife . .

it’s yours, FREE!

Think of this as a “Course Creation for Dummies guide”.

Follow along and have an online product ready to sell in 30 days.

Now you’re probably thinking “well this all sounds great but I’m really not into complicated funnels and fancy tech setups.  In fact anything tech-related makes me run for the hills!  I just need a simplified system with no bells or whistles to get my knowledge out there”. 


That’s where my 30 Day Course Creation Guide comes in.  This super simple guide chunks down the many moving parts of creating a course into a simple, step-by-step checklist. 


Wake up each day, do the thing on the checklist for that day, and in 30 days time you’ll have a course ready to make sales. 


No tech, no overwhelm, just a clear, actionable roadmap. 

This is the exact formula I use to create every new e-course in 30 days. To go from idea, through creation, through product build, to sales within one calendar month


And there’s no charge for it. I want you to have this as a huge bonus for checking out the book.

Discover life-changing techniques to literally stop time so that you can get more done in a day than you used to do all month

If you love the idea of taking your business online but you’re already massively overwhelmed with your existing workload, then this is the course for you.


As a qualified Engineer I am obsessed with optimization, peak performance and productivity.  My brain is hard-wired to find the simplest, most elegant and most effective process to achieve my goals at lightning speed whilst conserving energy and minimizing stress.


After studying hundreds of productivity experts I’ve distilled down the 5 most powerful techniques to unlock your full potential, get more done in a day than you would in a month and feel lit up and in flow whilst you do it.

  • If you have tasks on your To-Do list that make you cringe at the thought of doing them.
  • If you can never seem to finish a single project and have a thousand open tabs on your computer (and in your mind).
  • If you find yourself stretched thin week after week and constantly feel overwhelmed.
  • Or if your To-Do list has a To-Do list.


These proven productivity principles will help you to feel in flow on every task, crush your to-do list like a ninja, limit the noisy distractions and get to the end of the week with ease.

Whether you go on to build your online business or not, this course will change your life.

Learn the little-known video presenting techniques to

convince anyone to buy from you.

Here’s the thing: creating an online course typically comes with a lot of video presenting.   And whilst I’m sure you know your stuff it can often be hard to communicate your message in a way that makes people want to buy from you.

Unless you have a massive audience already (which I’m guessing you don’t) you need to learn how to communicate to that (tiny) audience in a way that produces (massive) sales.

As an ex-TV Presenter I've spent thousands of dollars on performance coaches and spent hundreds of hours both in front of and behind the lens, learning powerful communication techniques, which I’m sharing with you now.


At the end of this workshop, anyone watching your content will be convinced you’re the go-to expert in your niche and you’ll be able to turn a tiny audience of luke-warm watchers into motivated buyers. 

The single, most powerful thing you can do for your brand today, is to learn how to communicate your message in a way that builds that super important "know, like and trust" a way that converts sales.

In today's digital landscape, we decide whether or not we'll do business with someone in the first 3 seconds.  This one workshop has the power to transform your business.

Discover the 5 minute per day rituals that will supercharge your confidence, banish your imposter syndrome and have you proudly selling your stuff online this week.

Look I get it. Asking people to pay for something that you acquired for free takes a lot of courage.

Where I see most entrepreneurs come undone in this whole online journey is that they just don’t see themselves as expert enough to even start, let alone to charge high-ticket for their advice. 


They get trapped in Imposter Syndrome and create a whole bunch of limiting beliefs that leave them stuck, overwhelmed and trapped in Decision Paralysis. 


These 5 minute rituals are like magic for your brain, hardwiring your subconscious for success.


After a few days of doing these you will be so pumped up you will buy a whiteboard and sell your knowledge online today!

This is my way of guaranteeing that you can start implementing everything you will learn in Dream Life. . . right away.

Get everything you need to launch and skyrocket your dream online empire this week! 

Check Out The Total Value

Available for a strictly limited time for only $7


There Is No Catch

I totally get it if you think that $7 is too small a price for something worthwhile… well, not without there being a catch 22.

I’m more than happy to allay your fears on that one.

There are websites out there that want to sign you up for a subscription or attach some strings to such a good deal.

I promise that’s not what this is.

I don’t make any money from selling Dream Life.

So, it won’t be online for a huge amount of time.

You might ask, “Why would I release this content at all then?!”

It’s simple really.

I’m doing it so that you can be on your way to living your best business life.

Because what I know for a fact, is that the world needs more people living on purpose, and in service.

And in the future, if you ever need a hand in growing your business, you know my name.

I offer a wide range of e-courses that have helped so many Female Entrepreneurs launch, scale, and accelerate their businesses into the stratosphere!

So if you ever need some extra help, you know where to find me!

In fact, I think that you’ll enjoy this book so much that we’ll be keeping in touch from here on out.

Here’s my promise to you:

Try Dream Life and the 5 life-changing bonuses for the next 365 days. If you don’t love it more than a shiny new Gucci purse, then we’ll give you a full refund.

With so many of our readers experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this book work and that they have the power to transform your business and your life. And I want you to feel really freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future. 

That’s why I’m  proud to offer a one-year, money-back guarantee!

Yep that's right.  If you read this book and don’t feel you’ve had value from it in the first year, then just email and we will happily refund your $7.

So what do you say...does our Gucci Guarantee sound fair?


Over the last 15 years as an entrepreneur, I've created, launched and scaled 3 globally successful brands with no funding, no team and no social following.


In my current business, I've built four 6-figure e-courses that have helped thousands of women from all over the world to create, launch and scale their businesses.


This phenomenal entrepreneurial success has seen me become the nation's top business expert appearing on leading podcasts, global magazine covers and more recently on the international television show Dream Life which showcased the creation of my latest online program. I was recently awarded the Nations most dynamic course creation consultant in the APAC Entrepreneur Awards.

So What Are You Waiting For?
Your Dream. Your Passion. Your Vision

They're all worth investing in.  

It's time the world knew how goddamn badass you are!

It's time you finally stepped into your true power and potential!

It's time to scale your business to the next level!

It's time to have more ease and flow!

And say buh-bye to overwhelm, stress and hustle!

It's time to stop postponing your success, and start taking action on your dream life and business.

It’s time to create your Dream Life

  • If you know you have a message inside of you that can change the world but you’re stuck in your day job without any clear direction on how to bring that message to the masses…

  • If you want your consulting or 1-to-1 business to grant you more time to do the things you love and spread the message you’re passionate about …

  • If you want to execute a perfect business model to achieve location, time, and financial freedom for your future…

  • Or if you just wish there was a handbook with practical step-by-step advice to demystify this whole online business thing. 

What You've Been Taught About Getting Your

Business Online Is All Wrong.

A lot of people will tell you that the best way to start an online business is through the "Consulting or Coaching" model.  Essentially the 1-to-1 model.


What do I mean by 1-to-1?


1-to-1 is where you trade your time for dollars.  So you work with one client at a time, and you get paid once for that “packet” of knowledge you’ve provided.


But here's the problem:


The "Consulting/Coaching” or the 1-to-1 model will leave you burned out and hating both your life and your business.


You inevitably spend your days pitching and doing sales calls, hoping you get hired for the gig, and your nights chasing invoices for trading your time for dollars.


Oscillating between not enough hours in your month to not enough dollars in your month.

It's by switching to a "1-to-many" business model.


Here's how that works:


The 1-to-many business model allows you to take the same knowledge or info you were helping that 1 client with, and you package it in a way that serves many clients all at once without any extra input from you.

Same knowledge.  Wildly different impact and sales.

And when you do that, you'll be able to achieve things that most 1-to-1 business owners only dream of, like time, location and financial freedom.


The 1-to-many model is the only business model that allows control over who you want to serve when you want to serve them and how you want to serve them.


It's the only business that allows you to spread your message to the masses, whilst working less and less.


It’s business on your terms.


But the problem with creating this online product, 1-to-many life is that you often don’t know which topic to choose, the sheer volume of the job is way beyond what you could manage with your current workload and you’re probably faced with a healthy dose of Imposter Syndrome when it comes to sharing your gifts with the World.


Sound familiar?


Look, this process doesn't have to be overwhelming or exhausting, in fact, once you learn how to do it, it's actually pretty simple.

And the best part is, once you learn how to do it once, you’ll want to create multiple revenue streams just like I did.  

I Know What You’re Thinking…

What Makes This Book Any Different To The 100s Of Other “Make Money Online” Books I’ve Read?

Dream Life provides the clarity and focus you’ve been looking for, plus a (loving) kick in the pants from someone who’s been where you’re currently standing.

This book will help you to find your Genius Zone, show you how to monetize it with digital products, automate it with funnels, and finally magnetize it with traffic.

Over five strategic sections, I’ll show you practical steps with actionable insights to break through all the blockers (mental and physical) that so many online business owners (especially females!) struggle with.

You no longer need to wonder where to start and how to accelerate your freedom-based online business.

My book cuts through the bullsh!t to show you exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and why it’s crucial for your business, in a completely authentic, realistic and actionable way.

If you want to take what you know and turn it into a successful online business using foolproof and simple steps for guaranteed success, this book is what you’ve been waiting for.

It’s also full of real-world examples from previous students of mine who have taken their businesses online and succeeded.

You’ll get the actual system that I personally use (and have used for years) to avoid that 9-to-5 grind, work from anywhere and create my dream life.

All this in just 228 jam-packed pages.

Read it while sipping your morning coffee and be fully equipped to elevate your entrepreneurial journey the SAME DAY.

 "Why Should You Even Trust Me?

Well, Because I've Been Doing This For Over 15 Years!"

Dream Life is the culmination of 15+ years of blood, sweat, and tears. In that time, I’ve built 3 globally successful brands from the ground up. 

First a product business, then a service business and now a digital business. Reaching the pinnacle of brand, product and marketing success in all 3 of these businesses.

I built my first digital product and automated funnel in 2015 when I used to have to explain to people what an e-course was (and don’t worry if you don’t know what a Funnel is - you’ll learn all about that in Dream Life). That funnel made 6 figures in the first year.

Since then, I’ve replicated that exact process to build 3 more online programs and funnels in wildly diverse Industries that all make 6+ figures on autopilot. In fact, I have spent less than 1 week/year tweaking these since they hit that level of success.

Plus, I got paid over $100,000 to create my most recent program (this is just one of the many formulas you’ll learn to replicate inside of Dream Life). 

I communicate to a global audience of over 150,000 on a daily basis (again you’ll learn how to do this inside of Dream Life), I’ve acted as the Nation's top course creation expert on international TV screens, global magazine covers and top-ranking podcasts and stages.  

And whilst I learned everything the hard way, I now have the pleasure of helping people like you create your dream life without the years of trials and tribulations.

No longer do you need to wonder how to start your online business, where to focus your entrepreneurial attention, or WTF a funnel is.

All you have to do is follow the simple system that I’m about to give you.

In a matter of hours, you won’t just have the knowledge of how to start or transform your business…you’ll have the tools to start straight away.


Now that you know the simple, elegant and structured steps ahead of you, it’s time to leave the overwhelm, stress, and hustle behind you.

It’s Time To Create Your Own
D.R.E.A.M. life! 

Get All Of This For The Price Of A Latté

Get Dream Life plus the 5 Fast Growth Bonuses for $7

✔️ BONUS 1: 6-Figure Funnel Breakdown ($1,599 Value)

​✔️ BONUS 2: 30-Day Course Creation Guide ($199 Value)

✔️ BONUS 3: Stop The Clock Course ($699 Value)

✔️ BONUS 4: Present Like a Pro workshop ($999 Value)

✔️ BONUS 5: Magical Mindset for Success training ($599 Value)


Let's see what's inside


  • MIND HACK: The importance of overcoming mental roadblocks and the single most common barrier holding women back. Page 28.
  • Why you're not as successful in your business as you want to be. Page 19.
  • Why that negative voice inside of your head will cripple you before you even start your business, and the simple trick to silence it for good! Page 22.
  • The biggest barrier I see entrepreneurs having with putting themselves out there and what to do to overcome it! Page 24.
  • The #1 technique to build superwoman levels of self-confidence so you can charge more for your products and services. Page 30.

    💎 R:  RARIFY

  • The single most important thing you need to know about getting customers...I promise no one else is teaching you this. Page 39.
  • Why you've been doing branding ALL WRONG, and what you should be doing instead. Page 40.
  • How to hack the science of first impressions, charge more for the work you're already doing, and convert more followers into customers. Page 44.
  • Unsure of what you would even sell? Discover your Superpowers: the unique skills you've developed in this lifetime that makes you a superhero. Page 48.
  • The key to building your personal branding that increases buyer credibility and trustworthiness in your product. Page 44.
  • How to find your ‘genius zone’ and translate your unique skillset into a digital product TODAY. Page 47.
  • A-HA! MOMENT: The 11 questions your business needs answered to discover your superpower and attract your dream clientele. Page 49.

    🏠 E: ESTATE
  • My Estate Creation Hack: how to go from idea to fully-fledged sellable product in a matter of minutes...not days, weeks or even months! Page73.
  • The top 7 ways to turn your knowledge, wisdom, insight and life skills into cash THIS WEEK (and how!). Page 59.
  • The top 5 tech-free ways to deliver your Estate content - hint even the biggest technophobe can set these up! Page 69.
  • My 5-step process to creating estate content that will have you building an e-book, e-course or digital product in a matter of hours (HINT: You already have the content ready to go!). Page 66.
  • 36 really obscure examples to inspire you to create your Estate today. Page 61.
  • Actionable steps to overcome camera shyness and becomes "selfiegenic" to your audience. Page 70.

    🌪️ A: AUTOMATE
  • My simple answer to the question of "WTF is a Funnel"...Trust me, once you learn this you'll be totally demystified. Page 85.
  • The automation strategy I use to chase endless summers and wake up to more and more sales daily (The exact system I use to make more money in 20 hours a week than I ever did working 9-to-5!). Page 80.
  • The most effective social media video to create with two-fold results for funneling to sales calls. Page 88.
  • The Simplified Sales Funnel I recommend to anyone JUST starting out: It's tech-free and converts like crazy! Page 90.
  • Exactly how to structure sales funnels so your buyer trusts you implicitly. Page 87.

  • The little known fast and EFFECTIVE way to drive 1000’s of customers to you now and for FREE. Page 94.
  • A foolproof approach to create collaborative opportunities to skyrocket your name and brand to the masses. Page 96.
  • Steal my exact social media ‘secret sauce’ to magnetise traffic to your platform, getting you more customers, followers, and clients. Page 102.
  • The simple yet effective way to promote growth and engagement on a small social media page. Page 105.
  • The easy algorithm hack that will skyrocket your engagement, quadrupling every comment you get! Page 104.
  • How to create ‘smart content’ that will result in your best performing posts (driving traffic and clients straight to you!). Page 107.
  • The content hack to figure out what you should be posting on Social Media to quickly and effortlessly fill your funnel. Page 109.