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Glossier church-key subway tile squid, artisan pop-up

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Glossier church-key subway tile squid, artisan pop-up

Glossier church-key subway tile squid, artisan pop-up

Glossier church-key subway tile squid, artisan pop-up

Amber Renae cut out dress evening beaded Indher Dhillon Sarina Suriano ear cuff lg g4 singapore fashion photoshoot copy copy

Amber Renae Sarina Suriano Lara Bingle jewellery ear cuff LG G4  copy copy Amber Renae fashion blog blogger singapore sydney lg g4 Indher Dhillon evening gown couture dress copy copy Amber Renae fashion blogger sydney singapore lg g4 blog copy copyAmber Renae fashion model blogger singapore sydney art science museum photoshoot copy copy

Amber Renae LG Smart Phone G4 Kookai digital print dress copy copy

Amber Renae lg g4 model fashion high photoshoot photography singapore sydney copy copy Amber Renae LG G4 Singapore Art Science Museum tan leather back sarina suriano copy copyAmber Renae model singapore fashion shoot photography skyline copy copy Amber Renae sarina suriano lara bingle ear cuff diamond jewels swarovski bling copy copyAmber Renae Singapore fashion shoot LG G4 floral dress copy copy

Blogging is, more often than not, a loveless task, putting out post after post, in the hope that someone reads it and feels inspired, or even if it just provides a whimsical break in an otherwise hectic day.

But every once in a while, if you’re really lucky (I tell the Universe every day that I am), you get a call from someone like LG, asking if they could send you to Singapore for the launch of their new smartphone, the G4.

After doing a little happy dance around my living room, I very coolly replied, let me just check if I’m free.

I’ve spent years travelling Asia: lived in Japan for 6 months, and Vietnam on and off for about 3 years, and from there I’ve pretty much seen all of the weird and wonderful sights that you can only experience in Asia…except that I hadn’t set foot in Singapore!

And after checking the weather report (33 degrees and sticky…..just how I like it!) I immediately began mentally prepping my looks for the trip, relishing in the fact that I would get one more wear out of my fave Summer frocks.

Are you a Summer lover, or all about rugging up in Winter?

The LG G4 is not your ordinary phone, it’s basically every selfie-loving, fashionistas dream phone.

Built in leather back – not the casing, the actual back of the phone – check

16 MP Camera with F1.8 Aperture lens – basically DSLR quality – check

Manual mode camera operation – allowing the photography pros to adjust your own Shutter Speed, ISO etc – check

AND for the Selfie lover (moi!) an 8MP front-facing camera  – check

And don’t stress about filling your storage with selfies, cause there is a Micro SD slot so you can pump up your own memory as needed!


After seeing the sexy back of the phone I thought I would take a few of my fave Aussie brands over there for a shoot, with local photography star Zhiffy.

Behold Sarina Suriano jewels…by now you know how much I love shiny things, and Sarina, the darling, gave me a few from her own private collection to rock on the day.   The sculptural pieces providing the perfect accompaniment to the incredible, architectural backdrop of the Singapore Art Science Museum and the cities stunning skyline.

This Inder Dhillon navy silk dress is everything!  Love the length, love the cutouts, love the colour, and the placement of the beading is truly flattering!  Trust me, the dress is doing all the work here!

Kookai provided me with some city chic frocks, like the printed one you see here, and I pulled out some vintage Siren Shoes – although I feel like these lattice booties could make a comeback this season.

It takes a team of talented artists to get anyone photo shoot ready, so a special thank you goes to Franck Provost Hair Salon for their continued expertise in turning my beach-wrecked fro into a somewhat manageable mane, and the kindred spirit Alicia from Nail Art and Lashes….I’ve never met another human who loves bling as much as me…until now.

Hey LG, perhaps next time, the back can be Swarvoski crystal-encrusted instead of leather?  What do you think?!  Any market for it!? No? Just me??

Ok then, back to the Slings.

And here is a Fashion Film shot using the LG G4:

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  1. centimo123 says:

    HI Amber..nice website..well, you have to interview men too…you have a good taste of style
    hope we can collaborate…

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