How Orion Healing reinvented my mind, body and soul in just 11 days.

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I’m a big fan of reinvention. You might even say I’ve built my career on it: I started as an engineer, then became a fashion designer, dabbled in TV presenting before becoming a stylist, then blogging, and now teaching.

But my all-time favourite way to reinvent myself is through a detox retreat.


You might say I have “a bit” going on in my life right now.

I just finished a huge business launch that drained me mentally. My mind was fatigued and cloudy. You know that feeling, when just the one morning coffee doesn’t cut it anymore?

Emotionally, I had a roller coaster few months with a relationship.

Physically, I just finished two rounds of IVF for egg freezing, which put a huge strain on my body from the amount of toxins put through it.

My body, mind and soul were ready for a full reset, and that’s when I turned to Orion Healing in Thailand.

When undergoing a detox, it’s really important to do your research and ensure you’re putting your journey in the hands of people who know what they’re doing, and that’s why I chose Orion Healing and their 11-Day Detox.


Check out this spiritual goddess, Khattaya, who performed a Theta Healing on me.

She targeted my theta brainwaves, literally going in to remove and rewrite the programs in my mind that weren’t serving me. Not only was it wild, but it was incredibly relaxing.


The program consisted of two days’ pre-cleanse, seven days of fasting and colon cleansing, and two days of post-cleanse.

Yeah I know. I can hear you through my laptop speakers exclaiming “11 days?! How did you get through that?!”

But with Orion’s program, every day was set out in a manageable way that lead to a truly remarkable reinvention of self that I can’t recommend enough.

Orion utilises shakes, exercise, massage and meditation to get real results.


My day was set out with the goal of attuning my body.

A typical day would include: starting the day with yoga practice, meditation and massage or reiki in the afternoon, and winding down at the end with a sauna or steam.


Oh and did I mention I’d top it all off with an outdoor shower under the glimmering stars of the Thailand sky. ✨


Nutrition was, obviously, just as important. Each day I would consume the following:

  • Coconut (water only)
  • Five detox shakes of psyllium husk + bentonite clay + water (They form a gel in your tummy and keep you feeling “full”-ish)
  • Unlimited herbal teas
  • Vegetable broth for dinner
  • 20 nutritional supplements

I know it seems like not much when compared to a typical Western diet, but it’s actually kind of a lot to get through.


I wasn’t even able to eat more than three quarters of my shakes!


I also need to give a shout out to the setting, which was TO DIE FOR.

Two steps out of my villa would see me greeting the day with an incredible beach, which grounded and relaxed me throughout the 11 days.


But the biggest reason I would recommend Orion is their ability to specialise in detox at a designated centre. It’s a holistic experience, provided by a team of detox specialists that just can’t be found back home in Australia.

Their staff are engaged and knowledgeable, offering advice on the benefits of fasting and cleansing,  while offering support and guidance throughout the program.

They even provide day-by-day dietary guidelines for after you break the fast.


I think it needs to be said that not only are the staff knowledgeable and supportive, but they’re actually just amazing people. I felt cared-for and nurtured throughout the detox process and that’s so important when you’re in such a vulnerable state.

And now for the million dollar question you’re all asking…

How did you feel afterward?


I feel like AR 2.0.

Physically, I lost 8kg, my skin appears at least five years younger, and I’ve been loving the compliments from family and friends on my reinvention.


But more importantly, my mental state has been overhauled.

I feel VIBRANT. I wake up each day wanting to get out and change the world.

I feel clearer, lighter (both physically and emotionally), and I have more confidence and trust within myself. I owe this to being connected during the program, which I’m hoping to integrate into my daily life from here on out.

Additionally, I learned the value of SINGLE TASKING (this deserves CAPS cause it’s BIG!), which our high-performing, multi-tasking lives may sound absurd.

But guess what? Doing one thing at a time connects you to the moment and makes each task more enjoyable.

Yep, MORE enjoyable.  What I realised was that I’m only ever truly happy when I’m in the present moment and I find when I’m single-tasking, it actually makes you become more present.

So here’s what I was doing throughout my time at Orion: sitting without reading (like just sitting and looking at the sky), walking without listening to a podcast/music and eating (drinking) without checking my phone.

Bottom line: I feel like a new person and reset my mind, body and soul thanks to Orion, and I couldn’t be happier.

Let’s just hope AR 2.0 can keep this back in the hustle and bustle of Sydney!

For more info about Orion Healing Center click here!

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