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In this video, I’m going to share with you seven ways to turn your knowledge, wisdom, or life experience into cash this week.I’m teaching you how to create digital products and I have 36 really obscure examples of how people just like you, took their knowledge and converted it into money. And these are like ideas that you’ve likely never thought of before and I’m going to teach you how you can do the same even if you’re not an expert and you think that you have nothing to sell.

In today’s video, this one is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and visionaries that want to take their business online and future-proof themselves for the current crazy times so that we are all living in.

So make sure you stick around to the end where I’ve got some super Ninja strategy for overcoming the fears that are likely to hold you back when you’re trying to finally decide to sell your first digital product. Things like imposter syndrome and things like who am I to be selling? Something like that. So I’m going to touch on that at the end.



So the very first thing you can do by selling, it only is to sell a digital download. So things like a template, a planner, a checklist, a swipe file, an Excel spreadsheet, an ebook, or even an email sequence, basically something that someone can pay you a small amount of money for any return, you deliver them.

Something of a digital sort of download type thing. So typically these are priced between seven and $47. And I typically find the best kind of products that do really well from this from people that have already created and use that kind of download in their own life and business. And they didn’t even realize that they could sell it to other people and make money from it. And then other people might want to use it in their life in business as well.

So some of the digital downloads that my students have created are a personal finance spreadsheet to replace your financial planner, so like an Excel sheet. An ebook of motivational thoughts. This was created by taking 365 days of their social media posts that they’d already written and put them into an ebook. Pretty genius, right?

I had a fashion designer create cut and sew patterns. So it’s for people to create their own garments from home. I had an airline consultant make checklists for other independent airline consultants that they would fill out when they were taking a booking. This was something she just did for her own business. And I had a life coach that created a five-part email sequence that she then sold to onboard other new clients. And I had a wedding planner sold a wedding planning principle for new brides to plan out their dream day.

They’re pretty good ideas, right? Probably things that you’d never thought of before.



The other thing that’s super easy and quick to make today is an audio course.

So this is could just be one audio program, like a meditation or a visualization, or it could be like a five-part series where you deliver one 10 minute program every day for five days and turn it into a like an audio course. So these are perfect if you’re not the kind of person that wants to be on camera or if you have a lovely asthma kind of voice. And I’ve seen these price anywhere from 19 to $99 and they’re so easy to create. You can literally talk one out using your phone and create one this afternoon.

So some of the audio courses that my students have created are, I had a relationship expert create an audio program, which was dating advice for calling in the one. I had a mama create a soundtrack to help newborn baby sleep, which she just developed herself and then sold it to other people. And another mom would create a visualization practice for overcoming the fear of Heights. And I had someone who had manifested great wealth and she created a meditation track to manifest massive abundance



Now the next digital product that you can create is an eCourse. E-Courses are my jam. I love equals. This is how I’ve been able to create a true freedom business. I work from wherever there is wifi and e-courses are basically for anyone.

So they’re great for anyone that has a defined start and end to the transformation that they teach. And also great for people who like to teach things once and then go on vacation or just go and create something else.

Now I know equals a sound like a pretty big deal to create, but honestly, you can start by teaching like a mini-course for like 97 bucks. You don’t have to turn it into a big old signature program. And in fact, the formula that I teach that I’ve personally developed is called the MBP method. This stands for minimum bankable product and this is a method that I teach which helps you get paid to create your signature program.

So like I told you already, my last signature program, I got paid over a hundred thousand dollars to create that program. So if you want to follow this formula, I have a free masterclass where I walk you step by step through the MBP formula. Super easy, anyone can do it and it’s a free masterclass. So sign up now.

So it has really good money to be made here with e-courses and honestly, with the current state of the economy, I don’t know why everyone is figuring out how to do this right now.

So if you want my help in figuring it out, definitely sign up for that Masterclass is free and online right now.

The beauty of e-courses is that you can charge really good money for a signature program. So are these days like a $2,000 eCourse for an evergreen course is pretty much standard. So some of the courses that my students have made are how to overcome insomnia and vanished sleep problems. I’ve had someone create a course on recovering from domestic violence. I had how to be a fashion stylist. I’m someone creating a course on adrenal fatigue support, a mobile spray tanning business, how to rise up the corporate ladder and my personal favorite, how to match your hair color, and your make up to your horse color. So this was from a student who was big into rodeo and wanted to help all the rodeo babes look fabulous when they’re riding their horse. Don’t you just love that? That’s my favorite equal story of all time.



Now the next way you can trade your knowledge for cash this week is to host a live cast, a masterclass, or a live webinar. So if you know that you’re not ready for a big old e-course or if you just want to test the market and see what the market is going to respond with your current offering, or if you just have like a hobby that you’re super passionate about that you think you could probably teach other people about and turn it into your side hustle. A great way of doing this is to create a one-off masterclass or webinar that you charge people to attend to.

Now, this is perfect for anyone that loves teaching, loves being live, loves the engagement of teaching people in the live room, likes to be of service, and knows that they have something of value for teaching but isn’t ready to dive into a full e-course just yet.

Now the beauty of these types of classes is that they’re so easy to set up. You could literally have the tech and the content done in a couple of hours and start charging for this by the end of today.

Now I’ve seen everything, these presses, everything from $99 to $399 for a live workshop training. So this sounds like something that you want to do. Let me know down below and share your idea with me so I can help teach you how to monetize this straight away. And I hope that these ideas are triggering some inspo for you.

So some of the masterclasses my students have taught are a post-divorce masterclass all about surviving divorce, how to set up a Facebook bot, how to fall pregnant naturally. I had a class on taboo sex and intimacy, hemp, and the youth within the home.

And for me personally, I’ve taken maybe six live classes this week, including a yoga class, a hip hop dance class, Pilates, or sound healing. Someone held a cacao ceremony and I did a full moon dance party, which I paid to attend and they were all live streams. So what are you doing still watching this? Go and set up live training and get your money online this week. Okay, just wait until the end of the video.



Okay, so next up is a membership site. This is where people pay you an ongoing monthly subscription and you provide them regular training, content support and connection in return for their ongoing subscription. So you know how you have a Netflix subscription, it’s kind of like that. So if you think about Netflix is crucial, what is it about it that keeps you paying month after month? It’s because they keep releasing awesome shows, right?

So this is the way that a membership site works as well. So you need to be constantly updating the content. But the other thing with online memberships is that people come for the content, but they save for the community and the connection. So if you’re someone that really loves building relationships, you love building community. If you’re sewing that loves creating new content, you have a long list of content topics. Or even if you teach a topic that requires updating week after week, then this is the kind of model that will suit you best.

Okay, so let’s have a look at some really successful students that have created membership sites. There’s a stock photo site that supplies new designer imagery every week that you just copy and paste into your socials. There’s a dance studio owner, a membership that helps studio owners grow their student base. There’s a social media captions membership that gives you prompts and ideas about what to sign up right on your inspo for your social posts that week. Obviously we’ve all seen all the body sculpting and the fitness programs. One of my students created a stroke victims recovery group that offers support for stroke survivors. I’ve had an Ayurvedic cooking in your home luxury spa owners to help luxury spa owners get new clients and so many more.

So here’s a great idea for you here. If you’re loving this, please mesh that subscribe button to keep up to date with all the new ideas.



Next up we have a mastermind, which is essentially a high ticket group coaching package. Now even if you are just getting started, there is no reason why you wouldn’t start here. In fact, I personally believe this is actually the best place for most people to be getting started.

Think about it. You spent the last 10, 20, 30 years in your offline life developing all of this knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. You’ve invested at tens of thousands of hours and probably tens of thousands of dollars in learning this stuff, right? So why would you not automatically package that up into a high ticket mastermind or a group coaching package?

Honestly, there are people doing this all the time. You could too. So you could charge whatever you like. Really, typically these start around the 5K Mark and I’ve seen them up to 150K for a mastermind.

So some of the masterminds I’ve seen are an NLP and hypnotherapy, psychic medium mastermind, teaching people how to be psychics, eyebrow tattoo, artistry, and how to get into a CEO role. Lots of great ideas now, but if you’re thinking you’ve got to this far and you’ve decided that you really don’t have it in you to teach any of these and, but you know that you want to have an online business but you don’t want to create the products.



Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered because did you know that you could just sell someone else’s digital product and get a commission for every sale that you make?

So this is what’s called an affiliate program and you’ll find that most digital product creators have an affiliate program, like for instance here at amberrenae.com if you want to sell one of our courses, we will pay you a commission to sell our courses.

And you’ll find that most of the digital product creators have an affiliate program. So if you love a course creator or if you love an influencer, reach out to them and ask if you can be a part of their affiliate program. And then you’re going to get a commission for every one of the digital products that you sell. And there’s really good money to be made. Like we pay up to $600 for one of our e-courses, so sell it in e-course, get paid 600 bucks.

You don’t even have to create anything. So right now you’re probably pretty excited that the prospects, and I hope you’ve got a few ideas of how you could this, but you’re likely experiencing a pretty common fear which happens right now to everyone. And that’s called imposter syndrome. What I find is that most people when they’re faced with selling their own knowledge online, is that they start to think that they aren’t even really that knowledgeable and like could you even charge for that? It’s just stuff that I know.

So what they think that what they have to share and give to others isn’t that valuable that I’m here to tell you and I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times with my students. This is the stuff that you know might be obvious to you, but for everyone else, it’s just plain genius. The formula or the IP that you’ve created, that’s your unique way of doing something. No one else does it that way. That’s your own way that therefore it is your genius zone.

And I know you’re thinking it’s probably not that groundbreaking, but I’m here to promise you to everyone else, including me. It’s genius. And now more than ever, we need more and more geniuses on the planet that are helping others by sharing their knowledge, sharing their wisdom, and helping others rise up. And honestly, with the current pandemic that is going on right now in the world now more than ever, there is a huge increase in the number of people that are going online and looking for new resources and new educators and new ways of doing things. So this right here is your chance to become the next generation of online business and the types of businesses that are set to do really well out of this current crisis are online businesses.

It’s people that are creating something from the knowledge with no money down with no capital expenditure, no major cash outlays. All they’re doing is taking their knowledge, their insight, their expertise, and they’re using it to help other people. And in doing so, they’re getting compensated. This is a kind of business that’s going to soar in the current economy.

So if you want to be one of those businesses that look back on this state of the planet and goes, that was a time that I created my online business. That was a time that I finally became truly free. That was a time that I started living my purpose and my dreams and creating a business that works for me rather than working for someone else’s business.

So I would love this for you. So if you will love this for yourself, I would definitely recommend subscribing to this channel, leaving me a comment below so that I can help teach you how you can monetize your genius.

So I love hearing about what your genius zone is, and I would love to help you in the comments below. Make sure you check out our master class that teaches you how to create an online business. And I’ll see you in next week’s video. Thanks so much for watching.



So next you want to get yourself out there and get your very first customers. So you’d be surprised to hear that there are only three ways to drive traffic to a business. Content marketing, which is where you create content for your own platforms. Paid advertising, which is where you do things like Facebook and Instagram. And publicity, which is things like traditional press or collaborations. So as I’m sure you’re aware, growing your own audience is slow and hard. So when you’re just starting out, you’re way better off going to hang out where your Dreamies are already hanging out.

And the more nation-specific you can get with this, the better off you’ll be. And Amplify Your Impact, I teach you to find the places where your dreams are already going and go and be visible in those places rather than spending time on your own socials where your dreams are probably not hanging out. Look, we only have a finite amount of hours in each and every day. And unless you’ve already cultivated an audience in your social media who are ready and primed to buy from you, you actually need to go and find them. So don’t just assume that if you build it, they will come in the beginning. That’s not how it works.

Instead, join all of the groups where your dream is already hanging out. Join Facebook groups, join LinkedIn groups, join any groups in real life. Just go and find places where your dreams are hanging out and start being of service.

So get really active. Get really visible and being service to those existing communities.

So every day, go and find three new groups, drop five new comments, adding value being of service, developing expert status, that’s 15 comments per day. At the end of the week, you’ve added value to 105 people’s lives.

That’s a lot of Goodwill will that you’re putting out there and you better believe that you’re going to get traction with that.

And collaboration will be your next best opportunity when you’re just starting out. So look for people who were already communicating and have the attention of your Dreamies. Things like bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, anyone that’s got the attention of the audience that you want to tap into, and simply ask that content provider. If you can add value to their audience, maybe you can do a live stream Q and a just to their members.

Or maybe you can create some kind of freebie that you know their members would love that doesn’t compete with the owner, the content owners freebie.



So speaking of free freebies, that brings me to step number four. So the absolute number one piece of advice I can give you is to convert all of that attention onto an email list. Email list subscribers are 80% more likely to buy from you from an email than they are from a social media post. Plus you don’t own your social media, so don’t build an audience on a platform you don’t own. Instead, incentivize your audience to opt into your email list by giving something of immense value. Now I teach a free master class on the highest converting lead magnets. Make sure you check it out below.

But the goal of the lead magnet is twofold. You want to make it so insanely valuable that you get thousands of free and highly targeted leads on autopilot.

And secondly, you want to set that lead up for a sale, which is going to come afterward. So have a think about the tools, templates, cheat sheets, checklists, guides, formulas, anything that you’ve already got, you’ve already created in your own life or your own business that you use to make your life or business easier.

How can you translate this into a downloadable and audio file or a video series to help make someone else’s life or business easier.

Now, if you want some inspiration for some lead magnets, then watch this video. There are great tips in there.



Now once you have people on your email list, it’s time to secure the bag. So this is where we send your new subscribers through a sale sequence that inevitably leads to you presenting yours is irresistible offer, which we created earlier.

So ask yourself, what do those new subscribers need to hear, see, feel, or experience from you or your brand in order to want to purchase from you?

Things like case studies, testimonials, and social proof work really well here. Also, have a think about what fears or objections someone likely has to buy from you and allay those fears and break those objections in your sales messaging.

Look, I realized there was a lot of information and misinformation out there that can be really overwhelming and contradictory and downright confusing when you’re trying to get yourself online. So I’m here to make things super simple and super easy for you.

So in this video, I share seven different ways that you can monetize your message today. And I’ll let you know which one I would personally recommend if you’re just starting out. So be sure to watch that next and make sure that you hit that like and subscribe button. It helps other people see this content and it helps share the love. So if you’ve found value in this, hit the subscribe button so that someone else can share the love as well.

Now I’d help you with your business, your brand, and your mindset with new videos every single week. So I look forward to seeing you in next week’s video.

My name is Amber Renae, and come see me on the gram.

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