The Importance of Self-Care Sundays

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What an insanely busy world we live in! No matter what your position, people are becoming more and more overworked. Even despite the big bad truth that it’s not making you any more productive  and it could be damaging your health.

As an entrepreneur with a chronically busy diary, I easily fall into the whole “I’ll just do a couple more hours on [insert task that won’t take just a couple more hours]” trap. And this is why I can’t recommend enough the importance of having a day of caring for your best asset – you!.

So, if you haven’t already heard of the concept, I’d like to formally introduce you to my inspiring friend, Self-care Sunday. Isn’t she beautiful?!

You work hard so you should also pamper hard. Self-care Sundays are not about fluffing around all day and doing nothing. Sitting on the couch for 12 hours watching Netflix and eating a tub of ice cream isn’t doing you any favours and it’s definitely not treating yourself like the powerhouse that you are.

Self-care Sundays are about bettering, preparing, and empowering yourself for the oncoming week you need to slay.

So here are a few tips I keep in my arsenal that will have you well on your way to a successful date with SCS:



Turn off your phone.  No seriously, unplug.  I read recently the average human checks their phones 87 times a day….GAH!

The constant checking, re-checking, scrolling and comparing is not only super damaging for your central nervous system, but it’s usually a super drain on your self-esteem.

I mean honestly, how do you really feel after falling down an Insta Rabbit-hole?? Inspired and uplifted, or more likely, flat and depressed because your life seemingly doesn’t stack up.  #amiright?!

Unplug. Just for one day.  And instead, take those 87 moments to reflect upon how fkn fabulous you and your life truly are!



You know all those times when you think, “Oh, I can do without a haircut this week” or “I’d love to get a massage” with the follow-up thought “but I don’t have the time” ? Well, guess what? You DO have the time and self-care Sundays are it.

You are the face of your business and you should not feel bad about primping yourself for the coming week. It’s not only relaxing but will give a you mega confidence boost!

Take for instance one of my secret weapons: the Philips Lumea, at-home laser hair removal system. It works like a dream and I feel fabulous afterwards – not only from being silky smooth, but from knowing how much time and effort I saved myself!

I have been using this handy #beautyhack for about 6 weeks now, and so far the results have been ahhhmazing, my skin is softer, the hair has definitely reduced in volume, thickness and quantity. All in all I’m really impressed with this handy tool!

Check it out in action below!

Clean Eats.

No, don’t reach for the potato chips!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a #cheatday.  But how do you really feel after that junky treat?  It’s usually fun for an hour but then the rest of the day you’re left feeling bloated and beating yourself up over the poor choices.

Instead dash to the morning markets for some beautiful fresh produce and cook your favourite meal. Or if that’s not your bag, indulge by heading to your favourite cafe and ordering the food you’ve been craving all week. (Just be sure to use a little mindfulness in your choices!)

For bonus points, ignore your phone for the entire meal and connect with what’s going on around you as you watch the world go by!


Be mindful.

Use this day, to stop and think thoughtfully about how you feel about yourself and your life and to give gratitude for all the kick-ass things you’ve created in this existence!

It can be a really hard thing for people who are always in work mode to slow down and switch off, so use this day to be present in each moment and remember who you are and how you got here.

My personal fave Sunday practise is Yin Yoga at Dharmashala – Yin is a deliciously slow practise that ends with a 15min meditation – its seriously my fave way to set myself up for a powerhouse week ahead! Try it!


These are just a few things you can do to get you started on your first (of many) self-care Sundays!

Do yourself a favour and be kind to yourself for one day a week.  

And now it’s up to you, I would LOVE to hear your fave #selfcaresunday tip in the comments below!

Big thanks to the beautiful and talented Mel at Forever Seen Photography for the pics!

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