Hundreds of powerful women, just like you, from all over the world are saying buh-bye to overwhelm and stress from that 9-to-5 #grind, and saying

hello to Freedom by turning their passion to profit.

And here is your chance to be one of the renegades who are rewriting the patriarchal rules of riches and making 6-figures on repeat.

The time to create, launch and automate your E-course business is NOW.

Not because the world is ready for you, but because you’re about to have everything you need to take on the world.

  • It’s time the world knew how goddamn badass you are!
  • It’s time you finally stepped into your true power and potential!
  • It’s time to get your time back for the things you love.
  • It’s time to create your own Freedom

It's time for Freedom Funnels


They laughed when I said I’d make more money by selling my life experiences,

whilst working from Tropical Huts,

then I would have when I was building Roads as a Civil Engineer.

Here’s what happened….

If you’re currently stuck in a soul-sucking job, imagine me on a construction site, building roads and bridges, because that’s where my career began, as a Civil Engineer.

I knew there was going to be more to my life than being trapped in a patriarchal system and climbing imaginary ladders that I didn’t even want to set foot on.

I set out on my entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago and haven't never looked back.

I’ve launched businesses in arguably the toughest Industries around and have now grown three 6-figure businesses from the ground up.

First a Product business, then a Service business and now a Digital business.

And I’m here to tell you, hand on heart beauty, that I wouldn’t wish a Product or Service based business on my worst enemy!

Sound harsh?

Let me explain....

Product businesses you’re trapped at the mercy of unreliable suppliers, dodgy manufacturers, and customers going out of business without paying you. Not to mention scary AF overdrafts that never seem to get smaller and phone calls from your bank every single month!


Service businesses, the 1-to-1 model, you’re everyone's slave! Dictators are above you, beside you, and all around you, placing demands on you at all hours of the day or night. You spend your days pitching and doing sales calls, hoping you get hired for the gig, and your days are spent chasing pathetic little invoices.


E-Course businesses, the 1-to-many model, are THE ONLY business model that allows control over who you want to serve when you want to serve them and how you want to serve them.

It's the only business that allows you to spread your message to the masses, whilst working less and less.


I have worked less, lived more, and made more money in this business than I have in my first two businesses combined.

And my soul purpose in life is to help you create this for your life.

I want to know, “What does freedom look like to you?”

Is it quitting your day job and flipping your finger to the 9-to-5 for good?

Is it shutting down the laptop on a Wednesday afternoon to head to the park with your kids?

Is it creating a legacy for yourself and your family so you never again have to worry about taking time off or how you’re going to pay the bills?

This is what freedom looks like to me:

Do you know how it feels to achieve something you’ve wanted for so long?

I still remember my first e-course sale.  The notification lit up my screen saying I had made $49! I screamed with delight!

I genuinely thought I was going to be rich, and immediately started looking for flights to Hawaii.

OMG was I wrong!

I quickly realised that the first sale was a fluke.

I had no clue how to build funnels, craft copy that converts, scale Facebook ads or convert scrollers to buyers.

All I had was an E-course sitting on a hard drive and a longing that my life was worth more than the one-on-one hustle I'd been pushing for years.

I immediately started practicing “Hope Marketing”.

You know the one?

Where you’re hoping, wishing, praying that you could make a sale. 

And after months of patiently waiting for that next sale, I realised this business was all going to come crashing down quicker than a table of Jimmy Choo’s at a Boxing Day sale unless I learned the strategy.

In that first year of business, I studied 18 e-courses on digital marketing.

I learned everything there was to know from the successful online entrepreneurs I wanted to be.

It wasn’t until I’d figured out how to actually SELL e-courses that I really started seeing results.

But it turns out, that once you figure out how to sell one E-course, once you understand the system, you can apply it to any industry and any size and style, of course, coaching package, or digital product.


Let’s me know if this is what you want:

I launched my first E-Course in 2015

How to be a Fashion Stylist

Hit 6 figures in 2 years

This was kind of a niche audience, maybe you have a niche topic too??

This was so successful (and honestly, so fun making money in my sleep!) I thought why don’t I monetize my other skills, passions, and interests.

I also used to be a TV presenter and Fashion Editor so I created a course that teaches people Personal Branding and Publicity.

Amplify Your Impact

Hit 6 figures in 12 months

 My other real passion in life is Personal Development.

 I am a Self-Help junkie all the way baby! (Hands up all the self-help junkies).

So I monetized yet ANOTHER one of my passions into my third E-course that teaches personal development.

Are you seeing the possibilities of how you can monetize all of your passions yet??

 The Movement

 Hit 6 figures in 6 months

By then I  had developed a fool-proof formula for effortlessly creating your E-course. 

This formula incorporates everything I learned in launching my first two 6-figure businesses as well as some of the training I had as an Engineer.

I had so many people asking me to share this formula with them, so I created my latest (and greatest) E-Course, Freedom Funnels.

In fact the formula I teach inside of Freedom Funnels, is the exact formula I used to launch Freedom Funnels.

 Freedom Funnels

 Hit 6 figures in Pre-Sales before the course was built!

Let me say that again, I got paid over $100,000 to CREATE the Course...and that’s exactly what I’m teaching you.

How did I do this?

Because I learned that it isn’t what you’re selling but how you sell it, that’s the key. ️ More on that in a moment…

These days I have the freedom to work out of my laptop wherever there’s wifi, to chase endless summers, and to automate my business to make money while I sleep.

All because I took the plunge with that very first E-Course.

It's possible for you, too.

It's meant for you.

It's available right NOW for you.

Are you ready to discover freedom?
I know you are. 

Right from the start, let’s break down a limiting belief I’ve heard way too many times…

“I’m not an expert. Why would anyone want to learn from me?”

Not only is this totally untrue, but you’ve also got it all backwards!

Expertise comes from creating your E-course,
not the other way around.

It was the expertise and success from my e-courses that landed me the starring role of FYI’s reality series, Dream Life.

Yep, you heard me right!

I was cast as the Course Creation expert on a reality TV show on one of the biggest TV networks in the US.

These days I am a published author, speak on global stages, I do television appearances, I’m on magazine covers and some of the biggest organisations in this Industry profile my Freedom Funnels like this write up from Industry Leader LeadPages

Your e-course is what will give you credibility and expertise.

#RealTalk: your course will create your fame.

I’m guessing you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

You’ve got a million ideas of things you want to create?

Yeah I see you, I tend to attract them

Hit me with it, what’s on your vision board?

Ted Talk?

Publish a Book?

Oprah interview?

Here’s the thing, once you have the E-COURSE, THEN you get the INVITES.



But don’t just take it from me. Here are just three of my Freedom Funnels babes who skyrocketed themselves into the public eye after launching their E-Course!

Laura took Freedom Funnels back in 2019 and created her e-course on personal performance training for women in corporate positions.

Here she is talking about her course on Australian national morning news.

Bec created a course on Self-Care for Women Who Swear (don’t you love that course name?!). Not only has she touched the lives of many with her teachings, but her expertise now lands her gigs as a

Keynote Speaker.

This month alone Bec has already made $7,000 from her E-Course...this is on top of the income she makes as a Teacher. Pretty good for a #SideHustle

Sasha’s e-course on how to overcome stress and anxiety in the workplace has been a game changer! Her course opened doors for her to speak at global summits about the benefits of mindfulness at work.

Imagine speaking at the Superhuman


Sasha made her very first Course sales within one month of joining Freedom Funnels and has since gone on to make over $7,500 from her one course.

Hit me, which one of these would you like in your life? 

TV Appearance? 

Speaking Engagements?

Global Summits?

Why dream it, when you can live it.

Course creation is your ticket! So, what are you waiting for?




The only e-course that teaches both Course Creation and Automation, whilst providing ongoing laser-targeted support




Leave out just one of these and you’ll be trapped in overwhelming workloads and underwhelming incomes for life


Discover exactly what you need to create and automate your online business with 76 step-by-step video tutorials and accompanying workbooks.

You’ll get extremely detailed content taught by someone with over 15 years’ experience of walking the walk and talking the talk.

All processes I use myself to drive my 6-figure online businesses.

Each video is no longer than 18 minutes and contains NO FLUFF – just the stuff you need to succeed.

Best of all, you’ll have lifetime access to my content and can watch it anytime, 24/7!


As the Beatles once said, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. But you’ll get more than just “a little” in Freedom Funnels with 6 months of Group Live Coaching and Accountability.

That means laser-focused strategy and direction on your business every week. That's 24 calls in total, valued at over $12,000!

I’m dedicated to supporting you to achieve your freedom goals and will be with you every step of the way, my #bossbabe!


Eliminate tech headaches as you get all of my plug and play templates, cheat sheets and swipe files.

Get to market lightning fast with my Simplified Systems and Done For You templates which will get your business monetised and profitable in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Not to mention access to my Tech Vault of 30 videos that walk you through step-by-step how to connect and setup every single piece of tech and software you need to run your business.

You also get 6 months of my preferred Course Hosting Platform.

That means you’re up and running without a single thing to pay for the next 6 months!

Here's what you'll learn:

Profitability Matrix to create the most wildly profitable and stunningly transformative Course

⭐ My Superpowers system will identify your personal and unique advantage that will set you apart from your competition and give you much-needed clarity and confidence right from the start.

⭐ M
y Profitability Matrix will reveal the exact topic that will not only be your most profitable but will also ensure you feel most inspired and in alignment.

My Idea Validation protocol is the insider formula to guarantee your Course success and answer so many of the questions you currently have about what to include in your course.

From MBP to Signature Course System

 MBP: Minimum Bankable Product
 The missing critical ingredient that all Course Creators MUST have to ensure success

Get your first course sales within two weeks of joining Freedom Funnels using my proprietary MBP Method.

⭐ Follow my sales scripts to PRE-SELL your first e-course so that you’ll be getting PAID to create your course content.

Hint: You make money BEFORE you create any videos and BEFORE you need any Tech Setup

⭐ Follow my High-Ticket Pricing formula to charge a premium price for your course and get ready to make bank from your Signature Course

It’s simple: you need to make money NOW to serve in a much bigger way!

Create an Irresistible Offer and learn Copywriting hacks that have buyers yelling “Let Me Get My Credit Card!”

⭐ The art of compelling storytelling to hypnotize and engage your buyers...even if you’re like me and think, “I don’t have any good stories!”

 ⭐ Discover the Invisible Elements beneath the surface that create powerfully persuasive copy. Hint: We go deep with the psychology of buying!

⭐ Learn the truth about why most Sales Pages SUCK and discover the missing ingredients of every High-Converting Sales Page.

Your Authority Building Formula : How to go from “Nobody knows me” to “Expert in your Niche”

⭐ The real truth about why you’re doing Social Media all wrong! And what you should be doing instead to ensure competition becomes a thing of the past.

Steal my exact Social Media #SecretSauce scripts to utilize your social media as a list-building and authority-building strategy.

These are the same tools that led me to grow a following of over 80,000 raving fans.

⭐ Discover the top 10 places to find an abundance of buyers today with scripts and step-by-step instructions on how to get them from scrollers, to followers, to buyers.

Freedom Funnels: Proven (and fool-proof) Funnel Formulas to effortlessly collect sales in your sleep

Bring on that #FreedomLife!

⭐ Create four types of Funnels (Facebook, Instagram, Challenge, and Webinar) using the exact templates I personally use to this day, to make $22,000 per funnel per month on autopilot.  Don’t worry even a total technophobe can do this!

⭐My proven Funnel formulas that take luke-warm likers to high-ticket consulting and e-course clients. 

HINT: You can use these exact formulas to sell ANYTHING that you’re passionate about that month! (Hello Miss Multi-Passionate, this is for you)

⭐ Steal my exact 6-figure webinar formula that made me $104,000 in PRE-SALES when I first launched Freedom Funnels, including a breakdown of every single slide, email, page and more.

Let’s BLOW UP your business and Scale, Scale, SCALE!

⭐ Imagine having access to something so powerful that it’s like throwing literal fuel onto the fire of your business.  That’s exactly what I teach you in this module with Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

⭐ Steal my exact Swipe File of the ads I'm running to this day, that makes me $1000s, every day while I sun, surf, and travel

⭐ Discover the #1 thing I see most business owners doing which is the quickest way to lose money on advertising…it’s quicker than walking to the Pokies and putting all your cash on black




My exact plug and play templates, cheat sheets, and swipe files

($999 value)

No more content confusion! Create courses that convert with the exact files I use in my business to this very day.

They sure didn’t look or sound this good when I started.

These templates, cheat sheets, and swipe files took me 1000s of dollars, and many, many years to perfect.

Don't invest that much money and time to develop your own – just take mine!

Create your own landing and sales pages, videos, emails, and webinars using the same templates, scripts, and slide decks I use every day!

Swipe my exact templates for your Sales Sequence, Nurture Sequence, and Welcome Sequence. Plus, the exact template of my 6-figure Sales Page!



Tech Vault

($799 value)

Tech-headaches are a thing of the past! You’ll have access to my tried and trusted Tech Vault, containing 30 screen share videos.

Connect and setup every single piece of tech you need with my carefully crafted step-by-step walk throughs.

No muss, no fuss!



6 Months FREE of my preferred course hosting platform

($980 value)

Don’t spend money on hiring a developer to craft your course platform!

You get instant access to my favourite platform and be on your way to setting up your e-course immediately for zero dollars and with zero stress.


This is my personal arsenal to create fame, wealth and happiness.

Available to all of the Queens who Pay in Full




Influencer Nation

($997 value)

Influencer Marketing is the #1 technique I personally use to fill my courses, grow my email list, and sign people up for my webinars.

Influencer Nation is the exact blueprint that I’ve used to build a social following of 80,000 raving fans, have performed brand collaborations with the likes of Swarovski, Dior, Lexus Renault,

Traveled all over the Globe for free and have earned upwards of $12,000 most months….just from my 'Gram.

Learn the single biggest game-changer in getting traffic in 2021 and beyond!




Star Status: Superwoman Productivity Formula

($797 value)

This is the exact formula that I use every single day to keep myself on track, focused, and accountable.  

It’s how I’m able to achieve more in 1 week than most people would in 1 month.  

Following this formula, I’ve launched and scaled 4 e-courses in 4 years.  

Put procrastination on the back-peddle and get ready for superwoman levels of productivity




The Movement Money Mindset Miracles Course

($697 value)

Having been raised with every single money block imaginable I’ve spent $100,000s of dollars and utilised every single money reprogramming technique on the planet.

This collection of rituals has proven to be the single most powerful and transformative techniques you can use quickly and easily to transform your relationship to wealth.

And to manifest epic amounts of course sales freely and easily.

Open yourself for radical levels of wealth and abundance.


💎 Gain financial freedom and create a legacy your children can be proud of

💎 Freedom from clocking in and clocking out. Freedom to be your own boss and help others do the same

💎 The ability to quit your day job and turning your #sidehustle into your Main Gig


Here’s the thing, I hear from soooo many babes just like you who try to figure this out by themselves, or worse, they keep buying course after course hoping that this will FINALLY be the one that shows them the full system.

I feel ya!

In fact, I was YOU!

When I was just getting started I took 18 E-Courses in Digital Marketing.

I spent over $100,000 on courses and coaches. 

And I invested over 10,000+ hours trying to figure this whole system out.

So if you wanna do it alone, then you have my blessing!

And no shame if this is you, as I hear from a lot of my students that try to do it this way.

Like Michelle, she had spent $20,000 on 12 other Courses and took over a year trying to piece all of this together.

When she joined Freedom Funnels she made her first sales within 6 weeks and has now gone on to sell $12,000 of a Video Bootcamp Course.

For the past four years now, if you wanted to work with me, you would need to invest between $6,000- $12,000.

And you’re about to learn what I teach in these high-ticket coaching sessions...without the big price tag!

Freedom Funnels is a $3,997 investment.

But if you’re reading this page right now, it means you have access to this special testimonial-only discount.

So you can get access to the full program, the support and the templates and get started today for just $497 dollars.

At that price, it’s a no-brainer. Why? Because if you create one e-course and price it high-ticket (like I show you how to do inside of Freedom Funnels), you can easily recoup your investment with just one sale!

Plus, you can rest easy knowing I’ve taken out all ALL the risk from investing!


Your Happiness Guarantee is a 100% risk-free investment. 

With so many of our graduates experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work and that they have the power to transform your business and your life. And I want you to feel really freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future.  

That’s why I offer a 30-day 'Do The Work' money-back guarantee. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program. So if you submit your work from Modules 1 and 2, and I cannot support you in achieving success in this business then I’ll happily refund your payments. All you have to do is email Leanne at

I also know that you can achieve a return on investment – and much, much more – if you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in these strategies.



So who do you choose to be?

The Blood Sweat and Tears type? Or the Mastery Type?

I was the Blood, Sweat and Tears type for years!

Attending free webinars, piecing together 18 different E-courses! I was a sweaty, stressed-out, scattered mess.

Day after day of Blood, Sweat and Tears.  It was exhausting!

You can choose to be that girl!

Or you can choose to learn from the girl who’s figured it all out.

Mastery is where you find someone who’s achieved the things you want to and you download their knowledge, wisdom and insight into your life or business.

So that you can fast track your success and actually learn from someone who’s helped hundreds of women just like you.

So if you’re ready to commit to Mastery and you’d like me to be your Master, and give you the strategy and support you need to make this dream a reality.

Then click the link below and let’s get you, your Freedom Life now

Have you been dreaming about launching your online business for way too long?

Which of the following sounds like you?


I’m not an expert and I don’t know what topic to teach


I don’t have the time to create an online business/e-course


I’m a technophobe and don’t know where to start


I’m doomed to make no money because I don’t have an audience

Don’t get me wrong, these seem like pretty daunting blockers at face value.

They’re also so common that if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone use one of them as an excuse not to start their online business… well, I’d have a lot of dollars!

But I’d have just as many for each time these excuses have been proven 100% categorically untrue by my students.

Let’s break these blockers down one by one so you can see just how unnecessary delaying your online business dreams actually are.


BLOCKER: I’m not an expert and I don’t know what topic to teach


You don’t need a fancy certificate or qualification to be an expert on YOUR Genius Zone.

What do I mean by Genius Zone? Well, it’s the culmination of all the skills, life lessons, experiences, and interests you’ve developed over your life. Sure, it might be through formal education, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it’s more likely it’s through your own passions.

What you’ll teach may not seem a big deal to you, but it’s probably something you do every day because you’re passionate about it.

It’s the knowledge that’s part of you and your story, and though it may seem common sense for you, to everyone else it’s just plain genius.

Not knowing what topic to pursue for your e-course isn’t a reason not to start your online business journey. In fact, it’s exactly where we begin in Module #1.

In Module #1 I walk you step-by-step through my Superpowers Formula and then my Profitability Matrix to determine exactly what you should teach and how to make it profitable quickly.

It’s how you can turn your passion into profit, even if you’re not an “expert”. You don’t even need to have anything to sell! (Not just yet anyway.)

Bottom line

Your story makes you an expert at your Genius Zone, and your message could even change someone’s life.

Don’t believe me? See the stories of Anita, Annette, and Lily who didn’t initially know what topic to choose, but are now changing peoples’ lives for the better.

These women don’t have fancy degrees or formal education, but they are experts in their own right, and knew their topic could help others. And they’re just three of my incredible transformative success stories!

You know you have a message inside of you that can change peoples lives, you just need a little help with getting that message from idea to fruition.


BLOCKER:  I don’t have the time to create an online business/e-course


You can create your first E-course in less than a day and it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Perfection is a fallacy! You don’t need to spend years crafting the perfect course to make a successful product.

In fact, this is where I see most entrepreneurs go wrong.

They TRY go from idea phase to Signature Program phase immediately, where they’re met with decision paralysis and spend weeks or months thinking about their program rather than creating it.

But when you try to create your course this way, you’re missing a very critical step.  The MBP or Minimum Bankable Product (MBP).

In Module #2: MBP to Signature Program you’ll learn how to make your MBP. The best part? You can create this in less than a day!

Yes, you heard right! Less than a day!

Your problem isn’t being time-poor, it’s that you don’t have the strategy or frameworks in place to get the job done effectively.

And why would you know how?! Until now, that is…

Freedom Funnels Module #2 not only provides you with a system, but step-by-step instructions on how to move your course forward from idea to fruition!

The MBP is so effective, I’ve had women start Freedom Funnels and make their investment back within two weeks. Truly!

Checkout Ineke, Lorien, and Hannah who used their MBP to make back their investment FAST. 


BLOCKER: I’m a technophobe and don’t know where to start!


You don’t need an IT degree (or even a website) to launch your first e-course.

Freedom Funnels was built specifically for technophobes! Obviously, we need some technology to run an online business (duh), but this no longer needs to be a hurdle between you and your e-biz dreams.

That’s why I created my Simplified “Done for You” Systems.

Throughout Freedom Funnels you have access to plug and play templates for everything we cover, from landing pages to webinar slide decks.

I’ve taught myself how to do all of the tech in my biz and I’ve put a great amount of time into creating a step-by-step tech library to teach you how to do it all too!

As part of my bonuses, you’ll get access to instructional videos on every piece of software that you’ll ever need to use, from setting up your email list to delivering your lead magnet, to building your funnel, to installing your FB pixel.

You’ll receive over 30 screen share videos that walk you through each and every process step-by-step.

Ineke and Laura are two examples of how you can make money and grow your business without any fancy tech, thanks to my detailed guides.


BLOCKER: I’m doomed to make no money because I don’t have an audience


The launch of your first e-course is absolutely not dependent on having an established audience or email list!

What if I said you already have buyers waiting to purchase your course from you?

No, seriously!

The bottom line is that you really don’t need a large audience to sell your e-course, and you certainly don’t need a large audience to launch it.

This is exactly what I teach you in Module #4: Authority Building Formula.

I’ll give you all the tools (and templates) you need to have your current followers (no matter how small) ask you to take their money, and how to harness your socials as a list-building honeypot with my social media #SecretSauce recipes.

You’ll also learn where to find an abundance of prospective buyers (for free!), complete with step-by-step instructions on how to attract them to you.

Just like these #bossbabes did!

Check out Noreen, who’s just one of many who made a profit on her course without a large following or email list. Noreen pre-sold her course with only a Whatsapp group!

Meleigh had people flocking TO HER despite only a small social following and without any e-course developed, website, or email list.

Are you ready to share your genius with the world and create and automate your freedom-based business?


When does the course start and finish?

Doors Open as soon as you sign up and the class runs for 6 months. You get access to all of the modules upon registration and can access the course 24/7 via mobile or desktop.

You get 6 months of coaching calls included and can use these when you need them.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access to the recordings and the materials. 

How much time will this take?

You can expect to commit four to five hours a week... to review my training, get your work done, and then review.

Obviously, more experienced entrepreneurs may take fewer hours...

And newbies make take a little longer...

But it's self-paced, so you've got no pressure at all. You also have lifetime access and can work on this 24-7 – so whenever works for you

How quickly will I see return on my investment?

This is a really good question.

This all depends on how well you know your market and if you've got a product or service they really, really want.

If you have already got a validated proven offer then Freedom Funnels will supercharge your results.

But how quickly will you see a return on your investment? It really depends on a few things...

Some ladies get it right first time round because they know their market well... and their market resonates with what they're selling and what they're saying.

Other times you might need to tweak a little bit and you might need to test a few things in your funnel... if you don't know your market and their needs so well.

What happens after 6 months?

You have lifetime access baby! You'll be able to keep revisiting the training in the future and receive any updated content.... with your lifetime access to the portal.

Your also welcome to show up to the weekly coaching calls and I will do my best to provide mentoring to you as well after I have worked with our new students.

Is there a guarantee this will work for me?

There is the 30 day Doing Guarantee available to you, but as much as I want to....I cannot stand in your business and build it for you. So I can't guarantee you will do the work I ask you to do.  No one can.  

Only you can decide that...  

And there are all sorts of people when I hear them say, "I've got a lot going on. I'm really busy right now. I don't have time."

And that's fine, but nothing's going to change, right?

What if I don't know what topic to teach?

Awesome! That’s exactly where we begin with Module #1 Business Clarity and Foundations. I walk you step by step through the Superpowers Formula and then the Profitability Matrix to determine exactly what you should teach and how to make it profitable quickly.

What if I suck at tech?

This course is built specifically for the technophobes! I’ve taught myself how to do alllll of the tech in my biz and that’s why you have a step-by-step tech library teaching you how to do it all too.

Is Freedom Funnels still relevant if I'm a service provider?

Absolutely. This course covers everything you need for anyone wanting to sell your knowledge online. Whether that’s digital products or service based 1:1 Coaching.

You have to embody the woman you want to become

Do you want to be shut down or do you want to be lit up? 

Do you want to be financially dependent or independent?

Do you want to be reliant on a j-o-b, a salary, a husband, or the government?  

OR do you want to create your own estate?

Your own wealth

Your own freedom

Freedom from the 9-5 Grind


Freedom from the toxic corporate world


Freedom from worrying about when the next bill is coming


Freedom from chasing clients month after month


Freedom from endless 1-on-1 calls and clients


Freedom is a choice


Take responsibility for your life for your bank account for your future for who you want to be for who you want your daughters to look up to, for who you want the other women in your life to look up to

Be the example


To get to the next level both professionally and personally you need to be supported.


What I know for a fact, is that the most successful business owners have support to not only guide them strategically but to break through their mental barriers, fears, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.


I promise I won’t let you fail as long as you show up and do the work.


Here’s how you’re going to feel when you’re getting coached by me every single week.

Is that what you want in your life?


 Is this how you want to feel?


Do you want this level of support?


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