Learn the Insider Secrets to growing a highly engaged Instagram following fast, and then monetize that audience through strategic Influencer Marketing.  

(even if you have social media overwhelm, your likes and followers are dwindling and you have no clue how to structure an influencer deal!)  

Whether you are a Brand wanting to work with Influencers, or an influencer wanting to work with Brands, Influencer Nation shows you the insider secrets to both sides of the single biggest game-changer in the world of Marketing today: Influencer Marketing


What exactly is Influencer Nation?

Influencer Nation is a 6-week online Instagram Growth and Monetization course to help you set up your Instagram for scale and to ensure that your time spent on the platform is strategic – not soul-crushing.

This is a comprehensive program of actionable content that utilises step by step instructions, downloadable guides, cheat sheets and templates combined with ongoing support.  

The result of this course will be a methodical and accountable approach to Instagram growth, engagement and monetization, with grass root marketing skills that will serve you continuously throughout your social media presence, no matter how the algorithm changes. 


The path to Instagram growth and monetization is about getting quantifiable results in the form of increasing your value in the eyes of your target audience and setting yourself up as an influencer or brand of choice.


• Are you doing everything the experts suggest to grow your Instagram — posting consistently and at the right times, using the most relevant hashtags, creating engaging content, and optimizing for the ever-changing Instagram algorithm — and yet, your Instagram account STILL isn’t growing? • You’re sick of the follow-unfollow game and feel like your only options are to buy fake followers or just give up altogether • Do you really struggle with creating content consistently and often look at a post wondering “Should I even post this…and what would I caption it?!” • You know you don’t have a big following and doubt that any brand (or influencer) would want to work with you – so you’re convincer that Influencer Marketing just isn’t an option for you • You find it difficult to get your name out there and feel like there’s so much competition so what’s the point • You’d love to work with an Influencer but have no idea how to start and don’t really have the $$$ to pay the big bucks?  


It’s time to jump off the Follower Rollercoaster  

It's time to finally understand what’s currently working in the world of Instagram growth, engagement and monetisation,  

It’s time to finally have a systematic approach and to realise this game is part ART + part SCIENCE and until you combine both you’ll just be winging it.  

It’s time to finally understand the “ins and outs” of the single biggest breakthrough in marketing in this century,  

It’s time to profitably utilise Influencer Marketing 


  • • You are an entrepreneur, visionary, coach, or trailblazer who is ready to up-level your impact and truly become influential in your Industry  
  • • You’re a brand and you’re wanting to engage influencers, but you have no real clue how to go about this to ensure the deal is a win-win  
  • • You want a structured plan on how to get to the next step, whilst creating less content and getting more results than ever before.  
  • • You’ve got a small, medium or even large social following and you’re interested in learning how to leverage Instagram to attract brand deals  
  • • You understand Influencer Marketing is the single most effective marketing strategy in todays current age and you’re excited to learn how to do it right, but you just need someone to teach you the exact steps so you can finally start!


The first step to getting Visible AF is to overcome those fears, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are holding you back from putting content out.  

What I’ve realised about Social Media, is that it can often cause a lot of negative emotion and self-doubt.  

We judge ourselves based on our like or follower count and it can cause a slippery spiral into darkness.  

Right from the start I help you create a mindset for success!  

Worried that no one will like your content, so you just don’t post at all?  

Cringe at the thought of doing a video or livestream?  

Have a LOVE-HATE Relationship with the ‘Gram, and just don’t find it fun anymore?  

By the end of this Module you will know:  

• How likes should never be the measure of success, and how there is a much more relevant way to measure success in 2019  

• How to create that elusive on camera confidence and charisma that is essential for turning visitors to followers and followers to fans  

• How to overcome your fears of putting yourself out there and being seen and heard  

• How to stop seeing other influencers as your competition and start understanding the power of collaboration

Defining a beautiful aesthetic is step #1 in growing any business. In Brilliant Branding, you will get crystal clear on what makes your brand, uniquely you.  

Discover the key foundations for creating a magnetic and powerful brand, that you can both leverage and monetize.  

Get crystal clear on who you are, what you stand for and who you serve. If you don’t know what you stand for, how can you expect your audience to?  

This is about creating a brand that stands out from the competition and attracts brand collaborations.  

Do you feel like your feed, images and messaging are all over the place and as such your growth and engagement is inconsistent?  

Do you feel like your captions sound robotic and you have no idea how to engage your audience?  

Do you often find yourself looking at a pic and wondering “should I post this” – but having no real lens to qualify that answer.  

By the end of this module you will:  

• Have created your Brand Style Guide, by defining your Brand Identity, Brand Voice and getting crystal clear who you are wanting to attract on Instagram  

• Understand the foundations of a truly powerful and cohesive brand so that you can stand apart from your competition and connect powerfully with your audience  

• Have defined exactly what type of Brand collaborations you wish to do, and set yourself up for success with those brands now  

• Discover the 3s second rule to Instagram success and learn why you’re likely failing this, which is costing you followers

How to create content that doesn't suck…and that the algorithm loves!  

Let’s face it, it’s not the Algorithms fault – more likely you just haven’t learned how to create contuent that connects and converts.  

As an ex-Fashion Editor and Celebrity Stylist, this was my job for over 5 years. And now I’m teaching you, my insider editorial techniques to create captivating content.  

Content is king and this module teaches you my step-by-step method to become your own content creation factory.  

Do you get “Feed Envy” – you know the one, where you click onto somebody else’s beautifully curated feed but have no real clue how to get yours to look like that?  

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the never-ending necessity to come up with content that converts, and consistently think yours is just plain boring?  

Do you waste SO much time trying to think of what to write and end up just not posting anything at all?  

By the end of this module you will know:  

• The single best Content Creation strategy that will supercharge your engagement and skyrocket your growth…heads up, this only takes a few minutes each day!  

• The Fashion Editor strategies to plan and create a month’s worth of content in 1 day and batch that content like never before  

• The exact Apps I use to easily and quickly curate, edit, plan and systematise every piece of content to ensure a swoon-worthy grid  

• My 50 Fascinating Content Ideas – a daily step by step inspo of what to post to ensure epic engagement  

• How to write irresistible captions that convert by swiping my copywriting formulas that the best marketers use to this day 

You'll also learn how to skyrocket your impressions with specific social media marketing strategies that the top influencers and marketers are using today.  

Discover the entire spectrum of Instagram settings, bio, account type and profile content that you need fully optimized in order to crush it on the ‘Gram.  

Overwhelmed and lets face it, totally confused with all of the new additions? Don’t know your IG LIVE from your IG TV and have no real strategy for these?  

Feel like you’re just fumbling your way around the ‘Gram, which feels draining and exhausting, and wish you could get a clear system so you can spend less hours on the ‘Gram and more hours in your life?  

Wishing and waiting for the day you get to 10,000 followers so you can get the “Swipe Up”?  

By the end of this module you will:  

• Finally demystify the Instagram Algorithm and understand how to use it to your advantage – no matter how many times it changes!  

• The secret SEO hacks to get the right followers and increase engagement simply by editing your Profile Bio  

4 x step by step tutorials on how the best brands are currently utilising: IG FEED, IG STORIES, IG LIVE and IG TV for highly targeted growth and engagement  

• Understanding your analytics and use my downloadable template to help you hack your best performing content so that your content creation becomes a science – not guesswork  

• Have a clear strategy to leverage, text, video, audio and live, so you can have multiple touch points and actually provide value  

• How to get the “Swipe Up” feature with LESS THAN 10,000 followers

Now that your profile is actually “follower worthy” – let’s supercharge your engagement and skyrocket your growth by creating fame with accelerated Instagram growth strategies.  

Feel like your engagement is dropping by the day and you’re even starting to consider buying followers?  

Getting beyond frustrated at the fact that the techniques that used to work, are now #fails?  

Feel like everyone else must know something about growth and engagement that you don’t?  

By the end of this module you will know:  

13 of the best growth hacking techniques that the leading brands are using today…some of these take only a couple of minutes per week and can 10X your growth  

• Dominate your hashtag research by using my 10/10/10 Hashtag strategy for ensuring your content is making it to the discover tab  

• Why distribution and velocity are the two key strategies to your engagement game, and my top 6 hacks to encourage these  

• The #1 engagement strategy that takes less than 30s and will 4X engagement on every single post

This module alone puts Influencer Nation in its own league.  

The future of marketing is Influencer Marketing and yet most people have no real clue how to leverage this.  

I’ve personally orchestrated hundreds of brand deals over the past 5 years, and made up to $14,000 per month as an Influencer.  

I’ve also been on the “Brand” side of many Influencer deals where we’ve hired Influencers across multiple industries to create brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales.  

I am uniquely qualified to teach you both sides of this game.  

Do you have no idea what to charge (or pay) for an influencer deal, and have no clue what to send in a proposal?  

Do you understand the value and the concept of Influencer Marketing but have no clear strategy how you would even go about utilising it?  

By the end of this module you will know:  

• Exactly how to structure an Influencer Brand deal to ensure it’s a win-win for both brand and influencer  

• The #1 biggest mistakes most brands make when hiring influencers and what you can do to ensure you don’t fall into this trap  

Create your Media Kit, Marketing Materials and learn the “right” and the “oh so wrong” ways to reach out to Brands or Influencers to start a relationship  

• How to create sponsored content that doesn’t scream “This is an Ad” and that your audience actually loves to consume.  

• Exactly what elements you need to have to move from being thought of as "just another pitch" to a valuable business partner 

• Discover exactly what the current Industry rates are for Brand Deals and what else you can include to add Value to a collaboration if you’re just starting out as an Influencer or a Brand

BONUS #1: 


What I’ve realised about Social Media, is that it can often cause a lot of negative emotion and self-doubt. We judge ourselves based on our like or follower count and it can cause a slippery spiral into darkness. There is no resource or person you can goto when you have a question, or if you just need a bit of love and support from like-minded babes in your shoes. Well that has all changed now, thanks to the most supportive community you will find online.

BONUS #2: 


These are the exact files that I use in my business to this very day…they took me 1000’s of hours and cost $1000s of dollars to compile, and now you can just swipe them!  

These include actual templates for:  

  •  How to Pitch for an Influencer Deal whether you are a Brand or an Influencer
  •  Influencer Contracts and T&Cs 
  • Media Kit Template for an Influencer 
  • DM templates for peer to peer collaboration  
  • Brand Style Guide Template  
  • Analytics Tracking Spreadsheet  
  • Influencer Pricing Guide




I remember when I was doing Instagram the slow, hard, frustrating way. Riding that Follow/Unfollow Rollercoaster Waking up excited to see I’d gained a few extra fans that day, only to feel deflated when I lost them by the time I went to sleep. Getting to the end of the day and wanting to tear my hair out cause I had no freakin’ clue what I should be posting – I had no strategy and was totally winging it. A selfie here, an OOTD there – does my audience even like this? Ugh! The strategies that used to work, now kinda sucked, and pretty soon, I felt frustrated, deflated and like Instagram just wasn’t my jam anymore. Sound familiar? #igetyou

And it’s not just us!  

From my decade of helping people grow the brands,  

One thing I noticed was there are soooo many who just fumble along with no clear direction on branding and what attracts followers...

or maybe they understand branding and but have no understanding of growth and engagement,  

or maybe they’ve got a few growth strategies but have no clue how to monetise their ‘Gram! 

I’m sorry to tell you but unless you’re monetizing your ‘Gram, then this is just a hobby  

And unless you’re wildly passionate about taking selfies and posting pics, then this hobby of yours is going to feel … #sucky ….#frustrating  


I knew there had to be a better way  

A smarter, more strategic approach to guarantee Instagram success!  

After all, I’d already built three x 6-figure business, so I knew business success was part ART and part SCIENCE and I started looking at Instagram in the same way.  

I went from doing Instagram the Hard Way : that’s the blood, sweat and tears way. You know that one where you’re just bashing out content, content and more content, and hoping that some of it sticks!?  

To looking at Instagram as I do all business : as an analytical, systematic formula that can be learned – provided someone is willing to share the steps to success with you.  

And this is your opportunity, to work with someone who has done the things you want to do. After working with hundreds of brands in collaboration deals and building my own following to over 80,000 raving fans across all platforms, I have learned that Instagram is part ART and part SCIENCE.  

As a Fashion Editor and Civil Engineer, I’m uniquely qualified to combine both, to develop a proven plan that will ensure you create a feed that followers flock to, and that you do so in a strategic and methodical way – so that you’re not sucked into the Instagram Rabbit Hole.  

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the past 5 years doing Influencer Marketing and I’ve created a program I know will help you fast track your success!  

As someone who makes up to $14,000 per month from brand deals just from Instagram, I know that’s possible for you…plus so much more! 





Put your mind at rest with our Money Back Guarantee.

Your Happiness Guarantee is a 100% risk-free investment.

With so many of our graduates experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work, have the power to transform your Instagram and your life. And I want you to feel really freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future. That’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program. This is a 'Do The Work' guarantee: after all learning is a two-way street, right? So you will need to complete the Homework for Modules 1 - 4, submit them to me for review, include all of your Workbooks for all 4 Modules. You also need to attend the Live Coaching Call for that month, and be active in the Facebook Group to be eligible for this Refund. I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this content, and I know that if you commit to doing the work, taking action, and allowing the group to support you, then you will be able to build a profitable and beautiful Instagram. 

DID I MENTION YOU'LL BE SAVING LIVES WHEN YOU JOIN? Meet Thabang. He’s one of the 109 children that I feed each week from the profits from The Movement. He’s one of the orphans that the Kindling Foundation house, educate and feed every single day. The Kindling Foundation, based in South Africa, was founded by my bro and our bestie and along with providing daily care, we do annual impact trips to build new sustainable projects for them. Your involvement directly funds these children who would starve without Kindling.

Here's your invitation to our life-changing community So the Question is, will you join us? Or will you find excuses?




When does the course start and finish?

Doors Open as soon as you sign up and you work through the content at your own pace. You have access to the curriculum for the life of the program and you can work on this 24/7.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have access to the recordings and the materials for the lifetime of the program

How much time will this take?

You can expect to commit one hour per module.... to review my training, get your work done, and then review. Obviously, more experienced ‘Grammers may take fewer hours.. And newbies make take a little longer... But it's self-paced, so you've got no pressure at all.

Is there a guarantee this will work for me?

There is the 30 day Doing Guarantee available to you, which means you need to “Do” the work. As much as I want to, we can’t force you to do the work. So you will need to Complete the homework for Modules 1 - 4, submit them to Amber for review. You will need to include all of your Workbooks for these Modules. You also need to attend that months Live Coaching Call, and be active in the Facebook Group to be eligible for this Refund.  

What if I suck at tech?

This course is built specifically for the techno-phobes! It’s very practical and simple to acces, and you’ll have all the support you need in the membership area. You simply need to have a Wi-Fi enabled device and access to a printer – no further technology is required.  

Is this program still relevant if I'm an influencer or a brand wanting to hire influencers? 

Absolutely. This course covers everything you need for Influencer Marketing and I truly believe in order to structure a great brand deal, that both Influencer and Brand need to understand both sides of the game.

#HOTTIP: Transformation is in transaction.

Once you finally commit, Once you put skin in the game That’s the exact point that you’ll start seeing results, Because that’s the point when you’re 100% committed to taking action and doing the work that needs to be done. So the question really becomes, are you ready to step up?

Can I drop a final truth-bomb here? 

Look, the amount of time you’re wasting on Instagram WITHOUT having a proper strategy in place is easily worth 10X the investment to Influencer Nation If you’re an influencer looking for Brand Deals – you can make this investment back in just a couple of deals – even if you have a tiny (less than 1000) social following And if you’re a Brand, you owe it to yourself to learn the single biggest game-changer in the world of marketing that there is today So the question is – will you learn how to do this the right way? Or will you get left behind?

But Get In Quick!

The Clock is Ticking On This Early Bird Top 50 Discount: As soon as the timer ticks down, you will lose access to thousands of dollars worth of launch-only Bonuses (listed and unannounced)!

So What Are You Waiting For? 

Your dream, your passion, your vision, they're all worth investing in! It's time to stop postponing your success, and start taking action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want.