"Amber has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in course sales for our business."

~ The Print School

My Team of Experts will Build + Launch Your Online Program Over the Next 8 Weeks – Guaranteed.

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Let our team of experts build your course in 2 months using our proven 5 step approach.



Work with our Offer Creation expert to develop an offer that's so good people will feel
stupid saying no.



Work with our University trained Curriculum Designer to determine the learning
objectives and the 6–8 significant milestones the learner must reach to experience
the transformation the course promises using cutting-edge learning design



Create the full course structure, provide proposed lesson and module names
Document the 3-5 teaching points that each lesson should cover, along with
recommended delivery times and styles.

Propose questions students will ask to ensure the curriculum is fully developed



Establish your online school's branding, unique URL, terms and conditions, and
payment processor.

Create and add the workbooks and videos and create the new student welcome



Work with our high-converting sales copywriter to design and develop your sales
page utilizing the 12 psychological triggers to conversion.

Provide you with an email launch sequence that is guaranteed to convert sales in
your first launch.


We 9X our investment in our first launch, and have since added an additional 16X in revenue from future launches of that one course.

We have since hired her team to produce an additional 3 courses, all of which have returned more than 2X of their cost in the very first launch.
All of these courses are now passive income streams.

Amber has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in course sales for our business.

We have already booked Amber in to create a further 2 programs
and a membership for us.

She works and thinks fast and has a vast knowledge across so many area’s of online business.

~ The Print School

I made my investment back in the very first launch, just weeks after hiring Amber's team. That was three years ago now and since then we've made multiple six figures from our first program.

My program now has 5-star reviews from CEOs, Directors,
and C-suite officers from some of the most recognisable companies in Property and Construction. I even have a glowing testimonial from a Rocket Scientist!

I have since hired her team to produce an additional 3 courses, all of which are passive income streams.

None of this would've been possible without Amber and her team of experts.

~ Ineke, The Path To Promotion Leadership Academy


Hey, I'm Amber Renae
I literally wrote the course about courses, Freedom Funnels: the only online course that covers course creation AND automation.

Acted as the nation's top course creation expert on popular podcasts, international television screens, and global magazine covers.

I’ve personally created four 6-figure E-Courses under my own brand, and I now assist thousands of business people like you in doing the same across a radically diverse range of sectors.

In order to guarantee course profitability, I’ve hired the greatest specialists in the field, and developed a money-printing framework.

Results. Guaranteed.

Or Your Money Back.

If we choose to take you on as a client, I'm so confident that we will create a world-class online program, that you're really proud of; that I will guarantee you will make sales from this course, in our first launch period...or I'll give you your money back.

With a guarantee like this on the table, you can't afford NOT to have a call with us.


I'm still working on my course topic / content / graphics. Do I need to have all that stuff ready ahead of time?

No. When we work together we will assist you in choosing the best topic and provide the structure and teaching points for each lesson.

How much work do I need to do?

The majority of the process consists of us sending over deliverables for your approval, and then implementing any requested edits.

When we have your course fully mapped out, we hand over to you to create your videos. Most clients choose to go on-camera or do their own voiceovers, but that too can be outsourced. We’ll chat about what’s best for your project during your free strategy session.

How long will this take?

After your initial phone call, if we decide to take you on, our team will reach out to you for onboarding and you'll receive an email detailing everything you need to get started. From there, we will collect all the assets we need (IP, logo, brand colors, etc.).

Once we receive all the assets, that's when the "timer” starts. The average project takes about 60 days from start to finish. If you need something a little sooner, let’s chat about what’s possible.

If your goal is to launch an online course within the next 3-6 months, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible, as our calendar books out very quickly.

My Industry/Topic is niche - can you still help me?

Absolutely! Our team has produced courses on a variety of complex and specialised topics, including HR, publicity, software development, intricate health conditions, and more.

The most popular topics are business development, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, personal finance, coaching, psychology, and various forms of self-improvement.