presents the

Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling 

Gain industry recognised certification while learning 'Real World' styling skills from one of the country's most successful Celebrity Stylists.

So, Are You Ready to Kickstart your Styling Business?

The Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling is the only training program in the entire world being taught by someone who has achieved this level of Industry Success and now it's time to teach the next generation.  

If you want to become a Master, you need to learn from one. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being the Fashion Editor at Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, the Resident Stylist at our biggest Radio & TV Network, dressing some of our most-loved Celebrities for Global Red Carpet events, and from personally generating over 6-figures in my Styling Business, and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you high level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.

It's based on a proven formula for success, and is accompanied by year-round support from myself as well as a group of your fellow sexy stylists.

Shoutout to all the established Stylists, the Styling newbies, and the smart #Bossbabes! Hands up if: 

  • You're confused or overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out the exact steps you need to take to start out as a Stylist
  • You've always had a passion for fashion, but you're unsure how to turn it into a profitable career
  • You're tired of working inconsistently and wondering when the next paid job will come up
  • You don't have the time to do a full-time training course, nor do you have $1000's of dollars to invest
  • You know you need to learn the stuff (not the fluff!) that you'll actually use every day on the job in the real world as a stylist

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you're not alone!

Most of us start our own styling businesses because we want to experience creativity and passion every day, right? 

We have such high hopes and grand visions, but unfortunately the reality can be very different…

Instead, you find yourself doing crazy hours, working your butt off, and yet barely making ends meet. 

You know there’s a whole heap of passion and potential inside of you (and you’re itching to make an impact on the world) but right now, you just feel overwhelmed and hopeless…

In fact, sometimes you find yourself wondering if being a stylist is even worth all this struggle in the first place?


I can TOTALLY relate to that feeling!

In fact, that's where I found myself not too long ago! I had a huge passion for fashion and was working as an Engineer building roads and bridges, but I knew I that Styling was in my blood, so I literally changed the title on my email signature to say "Stylist" and figured the rest out from there. 

I had no training, no qualifications, I've never done a Styling course or an internship, and I never had anyone I could learn from. I started just like you, with no database, no PR contacts and no designers contacts. I'd never styled a photoshoot, I had no portfolio. 

I used trial and error and made mistake after mistake after MISTAKE. 

Not gonna lie, the early years were soul crushing!

There were soooo many knockbacks, it felt like every day was a constant battle trying to figure out what I should be doing and where I should be focusing my energy. 

I decide to figure out the business side of the Industry and start focusing on what was making me money.  

It was when I became a smart #BossLady that it all came together for me. And I'm passionate to teach you exactly what I learned. 

There are so many training programs on the market that are being taught by someone who has no 'real world' qualifications, or worse, they're teaching you stuff that won't actually get you paid!

Sure it's great to know how to clash patterns, but I'm gonna bet that you already know how to put a fabulous outfit together!

Now you need to know how to market yourself effectively, and you want to learn that from someone who's walked in your very fabulous shoes. 

No matter how hard you try,

until you learn the exact steps to building a profitable Fashion Styling business 

by someone who has actually achieved all the things you want to achieve 

you’ll never have the kind of abundance 

or business success

that you dream about.

This might come as a suprise, but I'm a qualified Civil Engineer, 

So I'm highly analytical, and I figured out the exact steps that you need to take in order to create a PROFITABLE styling business. 

As soon as I did that, my life changed, and this is what I gained:

And the thing is, these kinds of results aren’t a pipe dream. 

In fact, they’re 100% possible when you get strategic about your Styling Business and learn how to run it the right way

Which is exactly what the Certificate in Professional Fashion Styling, specialising in Celebrity and Personal Styling, is all about… just listen to these babes.

You can quickly see why Amber is a successful stylist after just a few minutes into this course. Her knowledge on the industry is expansive. She answered all the little niggly questions I had about the industry in a way that was clear and made sense.

Amber has given me the confidence and the knowledge I need to push through.

Rebecca Giles | Rebecca Jane Styling

I had no regrets after signing up, after my research, and knowing I was going to gain knowledge from an expert like Amber, who is inspirational with the success in her career. After taking the course I gained so many unanswered answers that I have been asking and seeking for quite some time. 

Grizelda Garza | Styled By Grizelda

I can't thank you enough for the advice that you have given me, the courses are exactly as described and I have learned so much. 

What I love about all this is, that I feel like I'm in a class, I ask a question or have a concern and you answer them.

Lesley Christiansen | Lesley Ann Fashion Stylista

Thankyou Amber, the course I bought from you two weeks ago has already paid off with one new client booking!! 

Helen Kharkov | Shopping with Helen

And there are almost 600 other Success Stories just like these. Will you become one of them?

The most important factor in determining the success of a business is Community and Accountability. 

Do they have a supportive community of peers cheering them on 

Do they have accountability in achieving their goals. 

No other Styling Program in the world offers both. 

For this reason alone, you should join us. 

Enrolment is by Invitation Only

Click here for more info

Here Is Your Styling Ending...

Feel like you are genuinely helping someone by creating style magic for them that lets them truly shine

Skip the Years and YEARS of mistakes, errors and tears that I went through!

Create a business that allows you to live the life you have always dreamed of, Finally quit your day job and call yourself a Professional Stylist! 

Finally overcome the fear and self-doubt that’s been holding you back

Are you Ready to Build a Profitable Styling Business? 

The Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling will show you how...

This is an online training program that guides you through the entire process that I use daily,

to dress celebrities for Global Red Carpet Events, and to work with hundreds of personal styling clients. 

It's based on a proven formula for success, and is accompanied by year-round support, not only from me,

but also from our awesome private community of your fellow sexy stylists, like these #BossBabes: 

This Program Is For You If : 

  • You want a process that works, one that's been put to the test over and over 
  • You don't want to waste your valuable time trying to figure it all out 
  • You like feeling valued and supported and know that you can always get help
  • You're ready to invest in yourself and your business to take it to the next level

 And you don't have to do it alone 

The Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling is an online course and vibrant community that will show you step-by-step how to master the Business management, marketing and networking side of Fashion Styling. 

Since 2014, I've improved the Curriculum every year to achieve the most straightforward, actionable, and repeatable formula.  


A certificate of completion that is recognised within the Fashion Industry


Gain industry knowledge, skills and resources without the huge hours required from a university degree


You'll have full and lifetime access to the program today


Video lectures allow you the flexibility you need to study from anywhere 


Flexible delivery ensures you can return to all lectures when it suits you!


You'll always be able to find an answer to any of your learning and professional questions!

Want to know exactly what you'll be learning? Read on!

Modules 1-6 

Will give you a broad understanding of the entire styling Industry - it's basically your Introduction to Fashion Styling!


+ ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: The Advantages vs the Disadvantages to studying fashion

+ SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Discover the essential skills needed to make it as a Stylist

+ JOB SPECIFICATION: Where you'll work/expected hours

+ TERMINOLOGY: Industry terms you'll need to use everyday to be knowledgable and communicate with your peers


Learn the required skills, expected pay and how to get started in The 6 Types of Styling:








+ STYLIST KIT: The key must-haves as well as a few extras that will win friends!

+ FOLIO PRESENTATION: How to best display your work in order to get you more work 

+ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES : These are essential for every stylist and accessible to you year-round


+ INTERNSHIPS: Learn how to secure one immediately 

+ HOW TO SOURCE PRODUCTS: Ingenious methods for sourcing designer product 

+ MUST-KNOW TIPS: Advice to get you started as a stylist this week!



+ ADVICE FOR AN ASPIRING STYLIST: Some extra tips to get you to the top! 

+ WHAT HAPPENS NOW?! Lets get you out there and working!


+ EXERCISE: How to Steam Clothes (Yes there is a whole lecture on this!) 

+ EXERCISE : How to Tape Shoes (the most efficient way!) 

+ SECRET VIDEO: For your inspiration only


Are your masterclass lessons, specialising in Celebrity and Personal Styling


+ TERMINOLOGY: The terms that will help you sound intelligent and as though you've been doing this for years 

+ PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Learn about the power of transformation


+ BODYSHAPE ANALYSIS: Introduction to my diagnostic tool, examples of the 6 body types and how to accurately diagnose any client 

+ SKINTONE ANALYSIS: Introduction to my diagnostic tool, examples of the 4 skin types and how to accurately diagnose any client


The exact questionnaires I use with clients as well as what info you need to know before you start with a client. 




What To Do On The Job 

+ HOW TO CONDUCT A SHOPPING CONSULTATION: PERSONAL CLIENT: Step by step, hand holding, from the minute I meet a client to the very end.

+ HOW TO CONDUCT A FITTING: CELEBRITY CLIENT: step by step, hand holding, from the minute I meet a client to the very end.

+ HOW TO CONDUCT A WARDROBE CONSULTATION: step by step, from the minute I knock on a clients door to the very end. 


+ ACCESSORIES: When is just enough, too much

+ AGE APPROPRIATENESS: The One Question you'll get asked all the time and how to handle it 

+ FABRICS AND THEIR CARE: The Importance of Understanding Fabric Properties 



Finding Work & The Business Side 


+ STORE DISCOUNTS: How to arrange a discount with almost any store

+ SIGNING WITH AN AGENCY: The advantages and disadvantages

+ PRICING AND GETTING PAID: How to easily get on top of all financials now


Additional Advice 

+ What separates the Good From The Great 

+ The Best and the Worst Parts 

+ What Happens Now?! Lets get you started stat!!





MODULES 15-22 

Are your masterclass lessons, Specializing in Editorial & Advertising Styling


+ INTRODUCTION: How I got to be a Leading Fashion/Advertising Stylist 

+ JOBS YOU'LL BE SHOOTING: The Many Different Jobs You’ll Get to Work on 

+ TERMINOLOGY AND ROLES: Understand the Hierarchy Within the Industry


+ How Does a Photoshoot Come Together: An Introduction 

+ Pre-Production Meetings: Everything you'll need to cover off before your shoot 

+ Planning a Coherent Theme: How to Ensure Your Looks All Work Together 

+ Model Casting: What to Look Out For and How to Present Selects to Your Client 

+ Reconnaissance: What to Look Out for and How to Choose the Best Location


+ Sourcing Products: An In-depth Look at Loaning, Hiring and Purchasing Goods 

+ Working with Public Relations: Everything You Need to Know Before Approaching a PR 

+ Tips for Sourcing Product: Must-Know Tips to Make Your Life Easier


+ On Set Management: The Many Different Aspects to Manage on a Shoot 

+ After the Shoot: How to Solidify Relationships and Protect Yourself from Upset 

+ How Does a Photoshoot Come Together: Conclusion


+ Building a Folio: Discover and Develop Your Styling Niche 

+ How to Get an Editorial or an Advertising Job 

+ Signing with an Agency: The Advantages vs the Disadvantages


Marketing Your Brand: The Actual Tools I Use to Market My Brand Daily 

+ Getting Paid: The Credit Terms You Must Know if You Want to Get Paid 

+ Business Management: Branding and Business Structure


+ The Best Parts/The Worst Parts 

+ What Separates the Good from the Great 

+ What Happens Now? Let’s Get You Kicking Goals


+ A Little Inspiration to get you Excited About Shooting! 

+ Exercise: Advertising Styling 

 Exercise: Editorial Styling

How is the Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling delivered?

Highly-practical and motivating videos for each module, to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to put in place to become a successful stylist.

MP3s of all the videos (so that you can listen and learn while you’re on the go).

Clear, step-by-step exercises (because there’s nothing more frustrating than wishy-washy advice that doesn’t show you EXACTLY how to implement what you’ve learned).

Membership in our ground-breaking online Mastermind community (absolutely KEY if you want to experience results and reach your biz potential).

Inspiring bonus videos to keep you pumped about reaching the next level. 

Oh and the Bonuses....oh the Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Ambrace Your True Colours Kit

This is the most comprehensive kit that you will find anywhere that accurately diagnoses skin tones. 

In it you'll learn: 

+ My fool-proof method to accurately diagnose a client's tone between the four Seasonal Shades 

+ The Best and Worst colours for the 4 different skin tones

Value $49.95

BONUS #2: Exclusive membership to the Ambrace Alumni private group

What I realised about Fashion, and Styling in particular, is that no one wants to help anyone else! 

There is no resource or person you can goto when you have a niggly question about a job, or a client has asked you to do something and you're not 100% sure how to do it! 

Well that has all changed now, thanks to the most supportive community of stylists you will find online. 


BONUS #3: Website building mini-course: How to build your site for less than $300, in 7 days.

Spending $1000's on a website?! NO!

Learning boring code?! NO!

Have a website that looks less than chic!? NO WAY!

With this mini-course you will be build a super sexy website in less than 7 days, for under $300 without learning a single line of code!

Value $5,000

BONUS #4: Folio building mini-course: How to build your folio in 2 hours with only 2 photoshoots

Unsure how to lay out a folio to send to a client about a job? 

Only shot two shoots and don't have heaps of images??

In this mini-course you will build your own folio in about 2 hours time, even if you've only done two photoshoots! 

It's super simple, and effortlessly chic! 

Value $1,000

BONUS #5: Erin Kyna Life Coaching Call - great for eliminating limiting beliefs 

What I realised, is that we ALL suffer from (terrible) fear, limiting beliefs and comparison-itis! 

You know the one when you're getting jealous of the styling gig that someone else just landed?! 

Well my Life Coach, Erin Kyna, teaches you some simple techniques to overcome those limiting beliefs and start loving yourself sick!

Value $1500

BONUS #6: Menswear Styling Intensive Call

Styling Mens clients is going to be an integral part of your career, 

So I've got this additional training for you to help you understand the challenges you'll be faced and to guide you through styling both Male Personal and Male Celebrity Clients. 

I mean...who doesn't love a Man in a Suit, right?!

Value $700

Want a Behind The Scenes look at your Membership Area? Check this out: 

Everything you need to become a real-life Professional Fashion Stylist. You get instant access to all of these amazing tools and resources as soon as you sign up.

Which means that you could be mere minutes away from kick-starting your journey to finally following your passion and living your Dream! 

Enrolment is by Invitation Only

Heads up: Going out and gathering all this expert advice yourself would literally cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

 The bonuses are my own personal secret weapons,

and have been an integral part of my journey to success.

I’m genuinely proud of the calibre of these bonus sessions and the value they provide,

and I’m confident they’re going to help you skyrocket your results even further!

Here's what you'll be getting: 

1. COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT this is the actual stuff you need, to work successfully in the Industry.  

There are 22 modules, delivered via videos and templates, that you can go back to again and again.  

(Value $15,000) 

2. BONUS TRAINING: Additional training and resources to help you build a professional brand that will drive customers to you. 

(Value $2,000) 

3. HIGH LEVEL SUPPORT: Access to myself and the fellow stylists in our members only group, to answer your questions. 

I share additional resources and advice EXCLUSIVELY in this group and provide support year round. 

(Value Priceless)  

4. PROVEN STRATEGIES TAUGHT BY AN EXPERT: The most important thing for me is that I walk my talk. 

If I hadn't started with nothing and worked my way up to the top as a Stylist, I wouldn't feel comfortable teaching it. 

(Value, The Sky's the Limit!) 

5. CONFIDENCE & MOMENTUM: You will be AMAZED at what you can achieve, the abundance you can create, and the incredible changes it will bring to your business and your life. 

(Value: Priceless) 

All of this in addition to graduating with an Industry Recognized 

Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling

specialising in

Celebrity and Personal Styling


It's time to stop postponing your success and start taking action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want. 

+ BONUS #1: Ambrace Your True Colours Kit

+ BONUS #2: Ambrace Alumni Membership group

+ BONUS #3: Website Building Mini-Course

+ BONUS #4: Folio Building Mini-Course

+ BONUS #5: Erin Kyna Life Coaching Call

+ BONUS #6: Menswear Styling Intensive

Start your Styling Dream here

Put your mind at rest with my Money Back Guarantee.

Your Happiness Guarantee is a 100% risk-free investment.

With so many of our graduates experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work, and that they have the power to transform your business and your life. And I want you to feel really freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future.

That’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program.If you complete the course and hand in your homework assignments, but are not totally happy, I will refund your enrolment cost. 

This is a 'Do The Work' guarantee: after all learning is a two-way street, right?

I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this content, and I know that if you commit to doing the work, taking action, and allowing the group to support you, then you will be able to build a profitable styling business. 

I also know that you can achieve return on investment – and much, much more – if you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in these strategies. 

With this kind of guarantee on the table, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. 

There’s literally nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Give me just 4 weeks to makeover your business…

Your life – and your income – will never be the same.

Here's your invitation to our life-changing community 

So the Question is, will you join us? Or will you find excuses?

Enquire about Enrolment here

This course is very motivational, informative and thorough.

Amber Renae is very generous with all the information she gives. Everything she has put into this course can be picked up and used straight away, there is nothing stopping you. 

​I am a personal stylist already but I chose to do this course because I believe we never stop learning and I am always looking at new ways to bring value and exceptional service to my clients, plus I am always looking for fresh ideas on how to generate new clients, so the insights that Amber gives throughout this course are up-to-date, current and right on-point.

The value that is given in this course is exceptional. Please don't think about it, do it!

Bron Horpinitch | StyledByBron

Tessa Chapman | Fashion Biz Student

This course is packed full of incredible tips to working as a stylist within the industry. 

I’m currently at University taking a fashion business and promotion course so I’m familiar with the role of a stylist but without any solid experience as of yet.

 Amber Renae has definitely motivated me more than any of my lecturers so far!

Jenny Hill | Fabric Artist

Loved all the factoids you shared about how to set yourself apart in the industry. 

I received a wealth of information on these topics. 

There were a lot of things you shared that I never thought of before. 

Great tips, advice, helpful direction. 

Ryan Collins | Fashion Stylist

A real education. 

Wow I thought I knew a lot about styling. 

This girl really knows her stuff! 

Really educated me on the business side of things and how to build my brand.

Sherisse Renee | Klozet Freak 

As the course went on I felt more and more eager and ignited by the content. 

I now feel like being a stylist is what I’m meant to do, and I can see there is no limit to pursuing my passion fully! 

Liv Rahme | Westfield Stylist 

It’s an amazing summary of everything you need to know. 

The course sums up everything perfectly and concisely so its easy to reference when you’re on the run. 

Amber explains things super clearly!

Zoza Kosmisis | Personal Stylist

I have given 3500 euros in a professional school for one year of Styling, years ago, and believe me, 

I have learned much more from your seminars! 

ANYONE wanting, dreaming or considering fashion career, stylist or not should take this course. 

It's full of knowledge that won't be learnt anywhere else! 

At the peak of her career Amber has taught me things that I haven't learnt at uni studying fashion. 

It is an amazing course filled with such insight, love and passion that it was well worth the money. it has really given me clarity. 

Jess Morrison | Stylist at Review 

Jam Packed With Info for a REAL Career in Styling

As someone who completed Amber's Beginning Course and is already working in the field, I feel completely secure in recommending this course to anyone who is serious about learning the ins and outs of becoming a Wardrobe Stylist.

Amber Renae is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and obviously passionate about helping others to succeed on this career path. She's an inspiration!

You are likely to get so much more out of this course than the numerous others costing thousands online that require months to complete!!

 Farah Hussain | Full Circle Style 

If you want to become a Master of Styling, then you need to learn from one. Here’s your chance to learn from someone who’s actually achieved what you want! 

Here’s how I’m different

I started EXACTLY where you are today. 

I built my brand in 4 short years to be the Fashion Editor of Womens Health and Fitness magazine, the Resident Stylist of our biggest Radio & TV Network and to dress our most loved Celebs for Global Red Carpet Events. 

I struggled, cried, suffered and cried some more until I figured out the exact roadmap to success. 

And this is what I teach you in this program.

An exact roadmap to create YOUR version of a profitable Fashion Styling business – whatever that happens to mean to you. 

A repeatable formula to create rock-solid results and bring in serious money, no matter what stage you are at. 

The skills and know-how to ditch the self-sabotage FOR GOOD, so that you actually get to enjoy your Fashion Styling business. 

Newfound confidence and motivation as a business owner to create an abundant lifestyle. 

My proven method to succeed in this Industry based on years of actual work in the ‘Real World’ of Fashion Styling. 

Not to mention, every single time you go through the program (which you can do as often as you like), you’ll be Learning more, improving your skills and up-levelling your business!


Lifetime access yo!

 You've got Questions? I’ve got Answers! 

I can’t afford this right now, should I join?

If you don’t learn the actual steps you need to take to make it in this Industry, then you’re NEVER going to live your styling dream, and you’re NEVER going to experience the lifestyle and vision that you’re craving

This sounds perfect for me but I am worried I will fall behind as the timing is not quite right.

Don’t worry – with this program, you can’t ‘fall behind’ because you get lifetime access to the course and the group. So even if life is busy right now, you can still dive into the materials whenever you’re ready. Like I always say to our members, the time will never be perfect so just get started and take it one step at a time…The course and the community will be here for you when you’re ready.

How is this course different from the other programs out there? 

Unlike a lot of the lecturers and courses out there, I am actually a hugely successful Celebrity Fashion Stylist. And I'm completely self-made - I started at the absolute bottom and worked my way up. I walk my talk. 

I teach you what you actually need in the Real World of Styling. 

I've just completed a Fashion Styling Course, won't this just be a double up?  

I have students who have been styling for 5 years, and are already working with Celebs who tell me that they've learned things on this course that they haven't seen or thought of before.

As a qualified Civil Engineer, I am highly analytical, so I've really been able to analyse what works, and put them into actionable steps for you in this program.  

I'm only just starting out as a stylist will this be too advanced for me?

This is perfect timing for you! This course, along with the bonuses, is the most comprehensive tool-kit that you will find to help you with everything you need to know. 

It is extremely practical, real world knowledge, to get you out there and working as quickly as possible.

I live in [insert country] will this work for me?

I have students all over the world, from Greece to Ghana, the UK and the USA, Canada and Australia. The material was designed to be global, so all advice that I give you is relatable to all Countries - and when it's location specific advice, I teach you exactly how to find it in your location.

Will I get personalised advice?

Yes, you will! l am active in the Facebook group every week. All questions need to be asked within the group so that other participants can benefit.

How does an online course work?

As soon as your payment is processed, within minutes you’ll receive an email with your own personal login details for our private members’ site. You can then log in to the site and access all the modules – which include videos, audios, worksheets, interviews, and a whole heap of other useful bonuses. (And heads up, I’m always adding new stuff in here.)

You can stream the vids from the site, or download them to your computer, and they’re yours to keep forever.

Because this is a self-study course, you can go through the content at your own pace, but you’ll also get an email from me each week for six weeks to keep you motivated and on track. (Accountability is everything!)

Is this program tax deductible?

Many #BossBabes deduct the cost of this course as part of their self-education and business training expenses. Please double check with your accountant.

What kind of results can I expect?

That’s completely up to you, sweet cheeks. While I’d like to tell you that the minute you enroll, your dream clients will magically come knocking, but that’s simply not true. 

(In fact, if anyone ever tells you that, you should back away from them and get the hell outta there!) 

What I CAN tell you is that this program is jam-packed with tonnes of incredible tools, techniques and insights that have helped me and hundreds of other Style Stars create genuine, real-life profitable businesses. 

If you just watch a few of the vids and read a few of the worksheets, you’ll have learned a lot (and will be able to up the ante on your business straight away) but you likely won’t experience the truly radical shifts you’re chasing. 

HOWEVER, if you’re prepared to seriously dig in, do the work, and take action on everything you’ve learned… Well, the sky’s the limit, and the results will blow your mind. 

Do I have lifetime access to the course content?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the course including all future updates. I’ve seen a lot of people revisiting the modules as they develop their business and lifestyle plans. Plus I'm always improving it with the latest and greatest information and strategies.

 How much time do I need to commit during the program? 

You need to commit between 30-90 minutes per week to get the most out of the course. However, you can take it at your own pace. Some people complete it in 8 weeks, others take several months to work through it on their own terms. 

Others binge-watch the content like their favourite new Netflix obsession. I can’t tell you the number of emails I’ve had from people at 3am when they can’t sleep cause they’ve been up all night watching my vids!

What’s your Refund Policy?

I'm proud to offer you a 30-day 'Do The Work' Guarantee. So if you go through the curriculum, join the Facebook community and do your homework and you're not satisfied with the course after 30 days, you can request a full refund

Learning is a two-way street, after all!

Will I be Certified? 

You will graduate with an Industry Recognised Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling. You will be able to promote that you are a graduate of the course and we will post you out your Certificate upon completion of the Course Homework. 

Have more Q’s? 

You can chat directly with Amber using the Chat Box below or by Clicking HERE

#HOTTIP: Transformation is in transaction. 

Once you finally commit, Once you put skin in the game, That’s the exact point that you’ll start seeing results Because that’s the point when you’re 100% committed to taking action and doing the work that needs to be done. 

So the question really becomes, are you ready to step up? 

The biggest benefit that I would say that I achieved since using the course was styling my first celebrity client.

That was the greatest achievement ever and everything that was said in the course has helped me to land this client.

Shandrea Johnson | Fashion Stylist 

I've been searching my brain (and Google) for more relate-able ways to explain color and shapes to my clients, but it usually comes out in a way that a stylist would only understand. 

The clarity I have now is like a EUREKA moment!

Fab Amore | Personal Stylist

Can I drop a final truth-bomb here? 

If you don’t learn the actual steps you need to take to make it in this Industry, then you’re NEVER going to live your styling dream, and you’re NEVER going to experience the lifestyle and vision that you’re craving.

I have almost 600 inspiring #bossbabes from all over the world currently living their Styling Dream, thanks to the Certificate of Professional Fashion Styling.

So What Are You Waiting For? 

Your dream, your passion, your vision, they're all worth investing in! 

It's time to stop postponing your success, and start taking action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want. 

+ BONUS #1: Ambrace Your True Colours Kit 

+ BONUS #2: Ambrace Alumni Membership group 

+ BONUS #3: Website Building Mini-Course 

+ BONUS #4: Folio Building Mini-Course 

+ BONUS #5: Erin Kyna Life Coaching Call 

+ BONUS #6: Menswear Styling Intensive 


Certificate of Professional

 Fashion Styling 

Hundreds of women have gone through this program, with incredible results.

Collectively, they’ve launched Styling Businesses all over the globe and made massive upgrades to their lives.

So to be honest, it’s not a question of if this program works. (It does, and our graduates have proven that - thousands and thousands of times.)



 Isn’t it time you became a NEXT LEVEL #Bossbabe?!