Amplify Your Impact

Become a powerful personal brand, supercharge your publicity and communicate your message in a way that ignites movements.

And the thing is, these kinds of results aren’t a pipe dream. 

In fact, they’re 100% possible when you get strategic about your brand and learn how to present it, the right way.

Which is exactly what the Amplify Your Impact e-course, is all about…just listen to these graduates:

The program is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs who are involved in media and presentation because there are so many strategies and tips that are useful in all aspects of business.  

I have used the strategies in building online courses, webinars, and developing a podcast. And...they work!  

Amber Renae is an expert in the field of harnessing media and presenting in an extremely professional manner. And the course is COMPREHENSIVE! It covers so many aspects of media that I will use the information for years to come.

Dr Barbara Woods | Psychotherapist

This really inspired me and gave me SO much clarity on how I do everything in my business! I’ve done ALOT of business marketing courses and webinars, but none have Amber’s unique perspective.

Because of her experience in the media I felt like Amber literally made me an insider. She gave me the ins and outs of getting publicity and developing a ROCKING personal brand!!!

Amber taught me that my ideal clients care about how I present myself and that this WILL affect whether they purchase from me or not.

This is a crucial thing to know and put into practice as an entrepreneur and Amber can 100% help you use presentation to convert clients!!!!

DO NOT MISS THIS! It will change everything!!

Alanna | Mindfulness Coach

I can't thank you enough for the advice that you have given me, the courses are exactly as described and I have learned so much. 

What I love about all this is, that I feel like I'm in a class, I ask a question or have a concern and you answer them.

Lesley Christiansen | Lesley Ann Fashion Stylista

Wow. I just cannot tell you how amazing it is. I thought that this e-course would be a game changer and it truly is. I don't even know where to start.

I’m not going to lie, this Signature Style module has made my head explode!

Dr Lara Corr | Transformative Life Coach  

If you are looking to amplify your success, social abilities, and skillset, Amber Renae is that one creator I must involve myself with.

She has so much knowledge on so many aspects of the several topics she teaches about!

I recommend Amber and the team to all who really want to fast track their success in creating an online business into reality without fluff only fabulous style! I love Amber!

Jenea Marie

This program is for you if : 

You want a process that works, one that's been put to the test over and over 

You don't want to waste your valuable time trying to figure it all out 

You like feeling valued and supported and know that you can always get help

You're ready to invest in yourself and your business to take it to the next level

 And you don't have to do it alone 

Amplify Your Impact is an online course and vibrant community that will show you step-by-step how to to build an attraction based business that stands out in a crowded and noisy marketplace. 

I've improved the Curriculum every year to achieve the most straightforward, actionable, and repeatable formula.  


In easily digestible modules with done-for-you guides and workbooks


This will provide you with the knowledge, skills & resources you need


You'll have full and lifetime access to the program today


Video lectures allow you the flexibility you need to study from anywhere 


Flexible delivery ensures you can return to all lectures when it suits you!


You'll always be able to find an answer to any of your learning and professional questions!

Want to know exactly what you'll be learning? Read on!

+ Learn what a personal brand is and how you can become one today  

+ Build a powerful brand image that will attract your dream audience  

+ Learn about your best colours, tones and styles and use that to develop your signature style - a style that you'll become known for  

+ Create a brand that is consistent and trustworthy so that it oozes confidence and credibility to your target audience


⭐ Develop your Personal Brand

⭐ Skintone Analysis : discover your best colours

⭐ Bodyshape Analysis : learn what suits your shape

⭐ Develop your Signature Style : a style that you’ll become known for

⭐ Downloadable Personal Brand Style Guide Template

 + Learn the secrets the pro's use to write, rehearse and perform powerful speeches, give moving presentations and create video content that sparks a movement

+ Learn an effective 4 step rehearsal process so you can smash every performance out of the park

+ Discover my top 5 Master Speaking Techniques for a lively and engaging performance

+ Learn powerful body langugage tricks and tips + Discover the number ONE thing every performance must have in order to win friends and influence people


⭐ Overcoming limiting beliefs that you’ve held your whole life

⭐ Understand the 10 Common Fears and how to break them

⭐ Discover Body Language hacks to make you a powerful presenter

⭐ Discover powerful Vocal Performance techniques

⭐ Learn my 5 step Rehearsal process to present with confidence

+ Learn the importance of publicity and discover how to get $10,000's of free publicity today!

+ Learn how to craft ingenious pitches for your business that the media will LOVE

+ Create star power and charisma like celebrities and business moguls, and get featured on your favourite media outlets

+ Create your own little black book of contacts, your media kit and bio

+ Own your story and turn your message into a movement


⭐ How to get Publicity today

⭐ Develop your Black Book of Media Contacts

⭐ Get Media Training from a Pro and learn to speak to the Media

⭐ Develop your Newsworthy Media Angles and Perfect Pitch

⭐ Downloadable Media Kit, Press Release and Bio Template


+ Discover how to create images that resonate with your audience    

+ Learn my secret editing formula so you look like a cover girl every time!


+ How to create videos your audience loves with the tech you have in your home right now  

+ Learn how to present with POWER and AUTHORITY - even if you feel like a nobody!


+ Learn how to write powerful and effective speeches that convert your audience into raving fans

+ Understand the booking process for speakers and learn the critical items you need, in order to score the high-paying gigs


+ Discover the story angles the TV networks love and learn how to effectively pitch yourself into a producer to ensure you get picked for the gig

+ Powerful leveraging strategies to turn your one TV appearances into a whole of host of bookings for keynote speeches, radio guest spots, podcast interviews and more


+ Discover what to write in your pitch to a podcast host in order to secure a guest spot

+ And we’ll reveal the three different types of people you can speak to at a radio station to get your brand in the spotlight for free 

+ Build out a free, high-converting content funnel using the tools you already have to get an automated and predictable lead generation system

+ Develop the perfect lead magnet that has followers practically jumping from social to your email list

+ Learn how to close sales using my sales script that converts at 70%, yep 7 out of 10 calls are a YES!

+ Craft an irresistible offer that has buyers yelling “let me get my credit card"

You get instant access to all of these amazing tools and resources as soon as you sign up.

Which means that you could be mere minutes away from kick-starting your journey to finally following your passion and living your Dream! 

Get started today with this Testimonial Only Pricing. 



Here's the total value of everything included!

Over $20,000 in value, but it's yours today for a fraction of the price!



Put your mind at rest with my Money Back Guarantee.

Your Happiness Guarantee is a 100% risk-free investment.

With so many of our graduates experiencing such incredible results, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work, and that they have the power to transform your business and your life. And I want you to feel really freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future.

That’s why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program.

This is a 'Do The Work' guarantee: after all learning is a two-way street, right? If you complete the course and hand in your homework assignments, and are active in the Facebook group, but are not totally happy, I will refund your enrolment cost. 

I offer this guarantee because I have complete faith in this content, and I know that if you commit to doing the work, taking action, and allowing the group to support you, then you will be able to build a profitable business. 

I also know that you can achieve return on investment – and much, much more – if you’re prepared to commit to the learning process and immerse yourself in these strategies. 

With this kind of guarantee on the table, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. 

There’s literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Give me just 4 weeks to makeover your business…

Your life and your income will never be the same.

Here's your invitation to our life-changing community 

So the question is, will you join us? Or will you find excuses? Choose your payment option below:



When I enrolled I thought that there would be enough useful information about making great videos and taking good photos, as well as branding/marketing to be worth it. Little did I know that Amber Renae had created the most in-depth, practical and actionable course possible, spanning a huge range of topics. It is generous to the max. Everything you could possibly need to DIY in PR, videos, public speaking, marketing, pitching, personal styling and branding, the list goes on and on. This is the how-to course that will change your career and give you the confidence to open up a million doors you were too afraid/ill-equipped to previously do, or that you just didn't know about! After being a part of this course I'm left buzzing with confidence, ideas and clear directions forward. It's a game-changer and honestly, worth the investment. It's probably worth double!

Dr Lara Corr  

Transformative Life Coach  

If you want to become a Master of Business, then you need to learn from one. Here’s your chance to learn from someone who’s actually achieved what you want! 

Here’s how I’m different

You see, creating and presenting a powerful brand, is the missing ingredient to your entrepreneurial success. Here's why...  

When you create a powerful personal brand, the audience knows they can depend on you showing up in a certain way every single time. And its consistency that creates dependability, confidence and trust in a brand.  

 And you know what comes after trust, right? Sales. So the key to increasing your bottom line, is in crafting a powerful, unique and consistent brand message on a daily basis.  

So how do you do this? Well, its something I've been doing for years for some of the Country's most loved celebrities.  

I've worked on both sides of the media, as a Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Editor for Womens Health and Fitness magazine as well as a Celebrity and TV host for Fashion TV, where I've interviewed everyone who's anyone in the world of Fashion and Celebs.  

BUT These things didn't come naturally to me, they've been trained into me. Here's the thing, I'm actually an introvert. Like a MASSIVE introvert.  

I've spent thousands of dollars on performance coaches and hundreds of hours both in front of and behind the lens, learning powerful performance technique.  

And I'm a qualified Civil Engineer, so I'm highly analytical, and I figured out the exact steps that you need to take in order to create a PROFITABLE business.  

I've figured out how to be a super polished publicity darling, that enlightens, empowers and entertains audiences on a global scale.  

And now, I'm sharing all of this with you.  

Not to mention, every single time you go through the program (which you can do as often as you like), you’ll be Learning more, improving your skills and up-levelling your business!


Lifetime access yo!



 You've got Questions? I’ve got Answers! 

I can’t afford this right now, should I join?

If you don’t learn the actual steps you need to take to make it in this Industry, then you’re NEVER going to live your styling dream, and you’re NEVER going to experience the lifestyle and vision that you’re craving

This sounds perfect for me but I am worried I will fall behind as the timing is not quite right.

Don’t worry – with this program, you can’t ‘fall behind’ because you get lifetime access to the course and the group. So even if life is busy right now, you can still dive into the materials whenever you’re ready. Like I always say to our members, the time will never be perfect so just get started and take it one step at a time…The course and the community will be here for you when you’re ready.

How is this course different from the other programs out there? 

Unlike a lot of the lecturers and courses out there, I am actually a hugely successful Influencer. And I'm completely self-made - I started at the absolute bottom and worked my way up. I walk my talk. 

This sounds perfect for me but I am worried I will fall behind as the timing is not quite right?

Don’t worry – with this program, you can’t ‘fall behind’ because you get lifetime access to the course and the group. So even if life is busy right now, you can still dive into the materials whenever you’re ready. Like I always say to our members, the time will never be perfect so just get started and take it one step at a time…The course and the community will be here for you when you’re ready.

I'm only just starting out in my Business, will this be too advanced for me? 

Some of the things you will learn may not be brand new to you, but we will be applying them in a very unique way, a way that you've never thought of before, in order to get results that you've never had before.This is perfect timing for you! This course, along with the bonuses, is the most comprehensive tool-kit that you will find to help you with everything you need to know and eliminate a lot of that trial and error. It is extremely practical, that starts with the very basics of branding and works right through top level performance techniques and PR strategies to supercharge your success.

I live in [insert country] will this work for me?

I have students all over the world, from Greece to Ghana, the UK and the USA, Canada and Australia. The material was designed to be global, so all advice that I give you is relatable to all Countries - and when it's location specific advice, I teach you exactly how to find it in your location.

Will I get personalised advice?

Yes, you will! l am active in the Facebook group every week. All questions need to be asked within the group so that other participants can benefit.

How does an online course work?

As soon as your payment is processed, within minutes you’ll receive an email with your own personal login details for our private members’ site. You can then log in to the site and access all the modules – which include videos, audios, worksheets, interviews, and a whole heap of other useful bonuses. (And heads up, I’m always adding new stuff in here.)

You can stream the vids from the site, or download them to your computer, and they’re yours to keep forever.

Because this is a self-study course, you can go through the content at your own pace, but you’ll also get an email from me each week for six weeks to keep you motivated and on track. (Accountability is everything!)

Is this program tax deductible?

Many #BossBabes deduct the cost of this course as part of their self-education and business training expenses. Please double check with your accountant.

What kind of results can I expect?

That’s completely up to you, sweet cheeks. While I’d like to tell you that the minute you enroll, your dream clients will magically come knocking, but that’s simply not true. 

(In fact, if anyone ever tells you that, you should back away from them and get the hell outta there!) 

What I CAN tell you is that this program is jam-packed with tonnes of incredible tools, techniques and insights that have helped me and hundreds of others create genuine, real-life profitable businesses. 

If you just watch a few of the vids and read a few of the worksheets, you’ll have learned a lot (and will be able to up the ante on your business straight away) but you likely won’t experience the truly radical shifts you’re chasing. 

HOWEVER, if you’re prepared to seriously dig in, do the work, and take action on everything you’ve learned… Well, the sky’s the limit, and the results will blow your mind. 

Do I have lifetime access to the course content?

Yes, you get lifetime access to the course including all future updates. I’ve seen a lot of people revisiting the modules as they develop their business and lifestyle plans. Plus I'm always improving it with the latest and greatest information and strategies.

 How much time do I need to commit during the program? 

You need to commit between 30-90 minutes per week to get the most out of the course. However, you can take it at your own pace. Some people complete it in 8 weeks, others take several months to work through it on their own terms. 

Others binge-watch the content like their favourite new Netflix obsession. I can’t tell you the number of emails I’ve had from people at 3am when they can’t sleep cause they’ve been up all night watching my vids!

What’s your Refund Policy?

I'm proud to offer you a 30-day 'Do The Work' Guarantee. So if you go through the curriculum, join the Facebook community and do your homework and you're not satisfied with the course after 30 days, you can request a full refund

Learning is a two-way street, after all!

What if I already know some of this? 

Some of the things you will learn may not be brand new to you, but we will be applying them in a very unique way, a way that you've never thought of before, in order to get results that you've never had before.

Have more Q’s? 

You can chat directly with Amber using the Chat Box below or by Clicking HERE

#HOTTIP: Transformation is in transaction. 

Once you finally commit, once you put skin in the game, that’s the exact point that you’ll start seeing results.

Because that’s the point when you’re 100% committed to taking action and doing the work that needs to be done.

So the question really becomes, are you ready to step up? 



The skills I have learnt and the confidence I have built to date, just from watching the videos and absorbing the content is incredible. From teaching me to use my hands when speaking, how to choose the correct colours, to how to approach someone to get PR.  

I feel so empowered and so much more equipped for the next stage of growth in my business, thanks to your course.  

I truly believe everyone should take this course, and I personally haven't seen anything yet like this on the market. 

Emma Jory | Pilates Specialist

To be honest I found this more practical than BSchool, which I loved and felt super inspired by, but found more helped me with mindset as opposed to giving actually step by step instructions - which is what this course does.  

I personally am starting to feel like this is the missing piece in my entrepreneur puzzle. It really is gelling everything together.  

Normally as entrepreneurs we learn marketing and are told get speaking engagements, develop and create your brand etc, but not a lot of people take the time to explain how or give information like this unless it's through private coaching!  

So I am LOVING this.

Alanna Mindfulness Coach

Can I drop a final truth-bomb here? 

In todays digital landscape, we decide whether or not we'll do business with someone in the first 3 seconds. Before you've even spoken your first line, the decision has been made. As a small business owner, consultant or an entreprenuer, the single, most powerful thing you can do for your brand today, is to learn how to communicate your message in a way that ignites movements.

But Get In Quick!

The clock is ticking on this testimonial-only discount:

As soon as the timer ticks down, you will lose access to thousands of dollars worth of launch-only Bonuses (listed and unannounced)!



So What Are You Waiting For? 

Your dream, your passion, your vision, they're all worth investing in! 

It's time to stop postponing your success, and start taking action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want.